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Friday Night Happy Hour and Open Thread (Week 14)

Last night was definitely CRAPPY hour...

Flaming Tire At A Barricade In La Victoria Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

Time for another meeting of the black and gold minds.

Good evening BTSC Family! It’s Friday- TGIF for me, even though I’m on call. I’ve got a six pack of questions below, As always, let us know what on the menu for tonight, as well as what BEvERage is wetting your lips.

Here we go:

1-The Steelers lost to TWICE to 2-10 teams, going from 7-4 to 7-6 in less than a week. First team over 0.500 to lose to two 2-10 teams in back-to-back weeks in NFL history. That deserves a BLAME ball (Only 1 per game). Who you giving the BLAME BALL to for Cardinals and Patriots?
A) QBs=Kenny/Mitch
B) Offensive Game Plan = Sullivan/Faulkner
C) Defensive game plan =Austin
D) Head Coach = Tomlin
E) Other

2- Mike Tomlin is catching flak for the Steelers struggles, (rightfully so IMO). Always mentioned is the non-losing season streak. With only 4 games remaining (Colts, Bengals, Seahawks, Ravens), do you think the Steelers win at least 2 more games to get to 9-8? If so, who are we beating?

3. I personally am advocating for Tomlin to get the Andy Reid type-treatment: we should be parting ways so we can both grow and do better (worked for the Eagles and Reid both winning superbowls). Tomlin has won a lot of games through 17 seasons, but we have stagnated to mediocrity for a while. “Recently”, the Steelers change head coaches on average every 19 seasons (based on Noll and Cowher), which would predict another 2 seasons (‘24 and ‘25) before a HC change. What do you think the STEELERS will do about Tomlin (not what you want them to do)?

A. Tomlin has a job for life, here till he retires in 2033.

B. They will wait more than 2 years to decide

C. They will fire/trade him after next year

D. They will fire/trade him after this season

4. If you could swap out any coach on the steelers for another NFL team’s same position coach, who would you pick and why?

5. Officiating in the NFL is always a hot topic, but to me it seems like there are especially egregious calls in most games I watch, such as the false start on Kuntz moving his head which should have been Patriots offsides and given us a fresh set of downs. What is the most egregious call referees got wrong that you can remember?

6. I have a kids holiday party this weekend (bowling plus some gifts from santa&elves), and then an adult only indoor golf in January for employees+1. Last year, at the adult party the prepaid alcohol did not last past the first hour. There were several folks full of holiday spirits, but the shenanigans were mostly loud cursing and poor golf swings.

Do you have any fun holiday party stories you care to share?