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Pittsburgh Steelers mailbag, Week 14: Could Ben Johnson find his way to Pittsburgh?

If the Steelers do have a new head coach in 2024, could Ben Johnson be the guy?

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

Welcome to the Steelers mailbag, where we answer your questions every week. As always, thank you to our readers for submitting your questions. Let’s open the envelopes...

Q: Will Art Rooney make a change at head coach or will he be content on resting on his laurels collecting money?- Pittsblitz56

I would be very surprised if Mike Tomlin isn’t the head coach in 2024. Do I think he should be? No. But we know how this franchise operates.

Q: What would Tomlin bring in if he were to be traded? And would he retire if traded?- Pittsblitz56

Tomlin would garner a first-round pick. Especially from a team like the Panthers, Commanders, Buccaneers, or Chargers who will likely all be in the market for a new head coach. I don’t foresee him retiring.

Q: With the offense being handicapped by poor QB play, play-calling, and offensive line struggles, it’s important to win the field position battle. What are the odds the team takes a flier on someone like Matt Ariza?- Efelix

I don’t know what his legal situation looks like right now. I’m not an expert on his situation or what all he was cleared of so I’ll stay away from it. Regardless, Harvin shouldn’t be the punter next season, and I’d be surprised if he was. They won’t make that change at this point in the season, though.

Q: Ben Johnson is the guy I want for head coach to replace Tomlin, who is yours?- Pittsblitz56

Johnson is who everyone wants league-wide. If the Steelers do move on from Tomlin, that’s who I would want them to get. If they don’t land Johnson, I don’t want another defensive head coach. Because look at the best teams in the league: Chiefs, 49ers, Eagles, Dolphins, Texans- all with either a great offensive minded head coach or a great offensive playcaller. The Bills had that with Brian Daboll, and then he was eager to leave for the Giants job because of Sean McDermott’s ego and not wanting to be that aggressive on offense (there’s a lot of similarities with McDermott and Tomlin, by the way). So even if Johnson isn’t the guy they land, they need a progressive, offensive-minded head coach. Because all of these defensive minded guys are letting the game pass them by.

Q: What do you think Art Rooney and Omar Khan think about how this season played out? Are they surprised?- Ecbucs

If they are honest with themselves, this team wasn’t capable of winning multiple playoff games, much less a Super Bowl. So surprised? I don’t know. They went into this season with a bad coaching staff and a quarterback who shows no elite traits, I can’t imagine they are too surprised. Credit to Khan for being more aggressive than Kevin Colbert ever has been and already showing he can draft better than Colbert could, but he can only do so much.