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This is your Steelers life: Mason Rudolph

Would his Black & Gold biopic be a drama or comedy?

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NFL: AUG 25 Preseason - Titans at Steelers Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

While many upcoming Steelers free agents are expressing a desire to stay in the black and gold, one player has apparently already packed his bags.

In honor of one of the most dramatic Steelers careers in recent memory, Mason Rudolph: this is your Steelers life.

Your story begins at the 2018 scouting combine. You skipped the bench press at the combine, as well as the broad jump, short shuffle and 3 cone drill. Why work harder, when you can work smarter?

The picture that got me blocked by Big Ben

The gamble paid off and rewarded you with official invites all across the league, including Pittsburgh.

Then, the Steelers made it IG official on draft day, trading up from 79 to 76 to catch you.

But not everyone was excited to see you in Pittsburgh.

You ended the Landry Jones era in Pittsburgh that year and became QB3 behind Josh Dobbs. Then in 2019, you were promoted ahead of Dobbs. QB2 means you’re just one snap away from becoming starter, which is exactly what happen in week 2.

That game saw your first professional snaps, your first touchdown pass, and your first fourth quarter comeback...attempt.

But then, the keys to the season were handed to you.

Week 3 brought your first NFL start.

Week 4 brought your first NFL win.

Week 5 brought your first NFL concussion.

And then in Week 11, you headlined the main event at Cleveland Municipal Stadium Starrcade ‘19.

You were accused of the most cancelable crime.

But Coach Tomlin had your back.

Until he benched you a week later.

You came back in Week 16, only to dislocate your shoulder.

In 2020, Ben was healthy, and you became the king of the Victory Formation, sealing Steelers victories against Cleveland, Cincinnati and Jacksonville.

But when you got the start in Week 17, another fourth-quarter comeback came up short.

It was still enough to earn a one-year extension in 2021.

Some in the media still thought you could be the heir to Ben’s throne.

And once again, your number was called.

Your game against the 0-8 Lions will go down in history...for all the wrong reasons.

2022 brought a new lease on life. Ben had retired, and you were de facto QB1.

And for a brief moment, you even got to act like the starter.

Some weren’t ready to give you a fair shot.

And then, at the start of free agency, there was a new gunslinger in town.

And then, the first round of the draft brought yet another.

And then, demoted to QB3, despite the efforts of the “copy and paste element.”

You only dressed one week in 2022, but you weren’t third string, you were always a big ole No. 2.

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