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Steelers Burning Question: How would you create salary cap space for the Steelers?

The Pittsburgh Steelers don’t have a lot of salary cap space available, but they can create some. Put on your GM cap and figure out how you’d create the necessary space to make moves.

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team who has several holes to fill on their current roster. While the offense could run it back next year, if they want, there are holes to be filled on the defensive side of the football. With plenty of free agents about to enter free agency this offseason, before the team can even considering signing any of their own, or outside, free agents, they’ll have to create salary cap space.

Before going into how they can create some space, let’s first take a look at the numbers surrounding the Steelers current cap situation. These numbers are all courtesy of BTSC’s salary cap guru Dave Schofield:

The Numbers

2023 salary cap: $224.8 million

Estimated adjusted salary cap:

Both: $229,427,145 ($4,427,145 in rollover)

Dead money for 2023:

Over The Cap: $5,928,814

Spotrac: $6,422,144

Estimated current 2023 salary cap space:

Over The Cap: $1,488,747

Spotrac: $-302,416

Current NFL rank in cap space for 2023:

Over The Cap: 18th

Spotrac: 20th

Now for the question part of this exercise. It now is important to figure out how the Steelers will create some space to make any moves, even if it is just keeping their own free agents.

Below are players who could save the team money if they choose to cut ties with them at some point this offseason. Before, a disclaimer of the below list, via Schofield:

Where To Get More

There are some players on the Steelers who could save some more money next season if they chose to part ways. Just because the Steelers could save money does not mean they would, or even should, part ways with some of these players. The list consists of players who would save at least $2 million and have a significantly higher cap savings than dead money hit.

So, with that out of the way, how can the Steelers create more space? Take a look at the list of players and how much they can save the team:

William Jackson III:

$12.75 million savings; $0 dead money (OTC has the value as $12,176,471)

Mitch Trubisky:

$8 million savings; $2.625 million dead money

Myles Jack:

$8 million savings; $3.25 million dead money

Ahkello Witherspoon:

$4 million savings; $1.4825 million dead money

Levi Wallace:

$4 million savings; $1.4825 million dead money

Montravius Adams:

$2.5 million savings; $0.7325 million dead money

Miles Killebrew:

$2 million savings; $0.4825 million dead money

Gunner Olszewski:

$2 million savings; $0.6175 million dead money

These eight players would save the Steelers $43.25 million dollars, but they would have to be replaced. While some players will likely be released, some could be re-signed while others will simply be retained with their current contract.

NOTE: Any release of these players would also be reduced by the amount of the player moving into the top 51 (roster displacement). At this time with the current roster makeup it would be $750k. So the release of a player with a $2 million cap savings would add $1.25 million in cap space.

Now for the fun part. Put on your General Manger (GM) hat and create some salary cap space. Use the comment section below to list the players you would cut, and how much money you would save during the process.

Want to take it a step forward? Let us know how you’d use that money.

Be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for the NFL offseason.