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The 2023 NFL Scouting Combine Schedule of events

The first players report to Lucas Oil Stadium on Monday for the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine

NFL: MAR 02 Scouting Combine Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2023 NFL combine kicks off this week after it made its glorious return in 2022. With 319 prospects invited to attend, not all players will be reporting and participating in the events on the same days. With some players reporting as early as Monday, each position group goes through the same five-day schedule but with a staggered start date.

Although players will be reporting on Monday, the coverage on NFL Network does not begin until Thursday at 3 PM. While there will be various coverage throughout the week, live coverage of the testing will not be until this time. For a complete rundown of the TV schedule each day, keep an eye out at BTSC beginning Thursday morning with the information on how to watch the combine.

The workout groups are split up by position. The first group consists of the defensive line and linebackers. The second group finishes off the offense with cornerbacks and safeties as well as special teams players. The third group is quarterbacks, tight ends, and wide receivers, followed by the final group of running backs and offensive line.

The following position groups will be participating in the daily schedule as follows.

Monday, February 27:

DL/LB: Day 1

Tuesday, February 28:

DL/LB: Day 2
CB/S/ST: Day 1

Wednesday, March 1:

DL/LB: Day 3
CB/S/ST: Day 2
QB/TE/WR: Day 1

Thursday, March 2:

DL/LB: Day 4
CB/S/ST: Day 3
QB/TE/WR: Day 2
RB/OL: Day 1

Friday, March 3:

DL/LB: Day 5
CB/S/ST: Day 4
QB/TE/WR: Day 3
RB/OL: Day 2

Saturday, March 4:

CB/S/ST: Day 5
QB/TE/WR: Day 4
RB/OL: Day 3

Sunday, March 5:

QB/TE/WR: Day 5
RB/OL: Day 4

Monday, March 6:

RB/OL: Day 5

Now that it has been established which position groups will be doing activities on specific dates, here is a list of what each day comprises as each group goes through the four-day process:

Day 1:


Day 2:

Medical Exams
Potential special studies

Day 3:

Media time
Orthopedic exams
NFLPA meeting

Day 4:

On-field drills

Day 5:

Bench press
Broadcast interviews

For those who are looking to follow every step of the combine process, the outlined information will be quite useful. For those simply looking for a recap of the proceedings, stay tuned to Behind The Steel Curtain for more information throughout the week.