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A look back at the Steelers week that was: Absurd Allegations edition

BTSC’s random-thought renegade is back with his bizarre look at the Steelers week that was.

NFL: Pro Bowl Games-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The focus for the Steelers is now 2023 and despite no games for a while, there’s a slew of news coming out of Steeltown. Let’s all take a look at the week in the ‘burgh together.

Sunday 2/5

I have no love for the Kansas CIty Chiefs or Philadelphia Eagles. In fact, I have no clue who I’m going to root for in Super Bowl LVII. But at this moment, the fact that I don’t have to see Zack Taylor’s large melon and Joe Burrow’s large ego in the Super Bowl, I’m elated.

Monday 1/30

The Steelers are going to have some room, but Omar Khan is the guy that could take an efficiency apartment and make it look like a mansion. Can’t wait to see this.

Tuesday 1/31

Cam adds a sixth Pro Bowl nod to his resume’, but what I’m looking for out of No. 97 is a Walter Payton Man of the Year Award and his pawing a sticky Lombardi.

As far as comedy shows, this was a good one.

Wednesday 2/1

Kind of a big deal.

Really? This is cheapened after retiring and coming back last year. I’m not believing that Tom Brady is retired and staying retired. Makes Brett Favre seem more true to his retiring word.

Another major part of the 70s dynasty has passed. RIP to a tough runner and a vibrant black-and-gold personality.

Thursday 2/2

With skills like that Vince Vaughn’s character in Dogeball: A True Underdog Story, Peter LaFleur, may be calling Minkah to join Ordinary Joes.

Friday 2/3

Still in demand. Where will BF go?

An endorsement from the cheerleaders? Payton is Mile High legit.

Minkah’s a class act, but he still has to say something.

Saturday 2/4

What????????? But AB still denies Vontaze Burfict’s hit had anything to do with his issues.

Sunday 2/5

With apologies to Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey, that was One Sweet Day.

This was the significant week that was for the Steelers, mixed-in with my black-and-gold loving life. I’m sure next week will be full of Steelers happenings as well, so we’ll have to do this again. Have a great week, but better yet, have a BAD one.