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Steelers ticket prices holding steady for 2023

As season ticket holders receive their invoices on March 1, a slight increase in price is for a good reason.

Seattle Seahawks v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

As the month of March kicks in, there are plenty of milestones for the 2023 NFL offseason. With the NFL Combine moving into full effect, there are now only two weeks until the beginning of the 2023 NFL league year. But for Steelers season ticket holders, March 1 brings about the delivery of their invoices for the 2023 season.

On first glance, season ticket holders may believe the prices have risen for the 2023 season. But upon further inspection, it’s the breakdown of games to come which is the ultimate culprit.

Depending on where each season ticket holder’s seats are located, an increase of at least $50 per ticket is noticeable for 2023. So did the Steelers up their ticket prices? Not really.

Much like the 2021 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers have a different arrangement of their games based on what will be the third season with a 17-game schedule. Instead of two preseason games and eight regular season games like fans had seen for many years and again in 2022, the Steelers have nine home regular-season games and only one home preseason game this season.

Because the Steelers do not charge the same for every game, there is a discrepancy in the overall price. It used to be the Steelers charged the same amount for every game regardless of opponent or whether or not it was a preseason game. But over the last several years, the Steelers has moved into a tiered ticket pricing where premium games are more expensive and preseason games are severely discounted. Simply substituting in a typical regular-season ticket for a preseason ticket based on last year‘s breakdown shows the slight difference in cost for season ticket holders.

Since the 2023 opponents are known but the exact schedule is not, there is not a game-by-game breakdown of prices at this time. Additionally, it can be assumed since these are the prices for season-ticket holders that when tickets go on sale for individual games they should be roughly the same for the 2023 season. Which of the Steelers opponents will land in the top tier for this season is debatable. Last season, the Patriots and Buccaneers games were on the highest tier with the Jets, Bengals, and Raiders on the next highest tier. The matchups with the Saints, Ravens, and the Browns brought the lowest regular-season tier with the Steelers two preseason matchups being the bottom tier.

The date in which single game tickets will go on sale has not been set at this time as the 2023 NFL schedule will first need to be released. If it follows form from the last two seasons, the schedule should be announces in May approximately two weeks following the NFL draft.