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Saturday Night Steelers Open Thread: Spring Break Edition

Come and join this merry band of Steelers’ faithful for some lively debate about our Steelers, good food, music, and the merits of the odd cold beverage.

2002 NFL Pro Bowl - AFC vs. NFC Photo by Martin Morrow/Getty Images

Yup, we are completely into the third month of the year, so for all the kiddies that means, March break! You know, going skiing or visiting grandma in her double wide, er ah, “condo” down in Fla or going to Acapulco. I mean who would think to stay home, let alone brag about it ?!!?

I can still remember March break of ‘88. It was my first time going anywhere for March break. 6 friends and I stayed at the Tortuga Inn in sunny Acapulco. Minutes after getting into our room we quickly changing into our bathing suits and went down to the pool bar “7 Coronas” I said to the bartender. “7 beers?” He asked and then exclaimed “14 cervasa’s for my friend. It is happy hour!” and he rang the bar bell. A week of amazing sun, good food, and great times...

  1. The Bears went all Omar Khan on the Panthers and actually came out winners in the second wide receiver trade they were involved in the past 12 months. Given the cost to acquire the number one pick AND assuming the Panthers are grabbing their choice of QBs, how do you feel about the value of Kenny Pickett at 20 overall?
  2. Speaking of our young QB, what minimum stat line do you want to see from him this year to make you feel confident he is on his way to becoming our next franchise QB?
  3. Besides the game itself, what is your favourite part of attending a Steelers game. And if you need to feel free to substitute a different sport but tell us your doing so.
  4. As we are putting the colder weather behind us does this mean you can start barbequing again? What is your threshold to not bbq? Do you have any tips for cold weather bbq’ing?
  5. Share a March Break story. Was it a week at hockey camp? Three days in the hospital after a tobogganing adventure gone wrong? A night in a Mexican jail??