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March Madness of Steelers Moments ROUND 2: Chipped Ham Bracket

More second round action. Vote on who goes on to the Sweet 16

Super Bowl XVI - Los Angeles Rams v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Round 2 action continues today in Steelers March Madness. Let’s put a spotlight on the Chipped Ham Bracket. Then go back to Part 1 & Part 2 of the second round.

1 - Stallworth’s 73-yd TD - 1/20/80 Super Bowl XIV

Round 1 recap: won with 91% of the website vote and 95.8% of the twitter vote.

The play: Stallworth outran everyone for a 73-yard touchdown that gave the Steelers a 24-19 lead in the 4th over the Rams. It is the 7th lead change in the game.


8 - Terry’s Perfect Game - 12/19/76 AFC Divisional

Round 1 recap: won with 70.4% of the twitter vote and 55% of the website vote.

The play: 1976 afc divisional at baltimore. Bradshaw completed 14 passes on just 18 attempts for 264 yds and 3 TD’s, 0 int. The game was such a blowout that when a plane crashed into the upper deck, Colts fans had already left.

Bonus commentary: Terry’s perfect game is one of my personal favorite moments, because it actually saved people’s lives. However, it was ultimately not part of a Super Bowl season.


Better Moment?

This poll is closed

  • 86%
    1: Stallworth TD
    (172 votes)
  • 13%
    8: Terry’s perfect game
    (26 votes)
198 votes total Vote Now

2 - Randle El’s Reverse Pass - 2/5/06 Super Bowl XL

Round 1 recap: won with 100% of the twitter vote and 89% of the website vote.

The play: Willie Parker takes the pitch and hands off to Antwaan Randle El on the reverse, who throws it to Hines Ward for the 43-yd touchdown. It gives the Steelers a 21-10 lead against the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL.


10- Mean Joe Fumble Recovery - 1/12/75 Super Bowl 9

Round 1 recap: Although Santonio Holmes’ punt return TD won the twitter vote 60%-40%, the website vote ultimately gave Mean Joe the upset by a 52.34%-47.66% margin.

The play: A pass interference call put the Vikings at the 5 in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl IX. Chuck Foreman is stopped for a 2-yard loss and Joe Greene recovered the fumble to preserve the 9-0 advantage.

Bonus commentary: I could see the Super Bowl 40 play making a run at this entire bracket.


Better Moment?

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  • 85%
    2: Randle El pass in SB40
    (166 votes)
  • 14%
    10: Mean Joe recovery
    (28 votes)
194 votes total Vote Now

3 - Swann’s Flying Circus - 1/21/79 Super Bowl XIII

Round 1 recap: although twitter actually split the vote between Swann and Ben’s gunslinger TD, the website voting gave Swann an edge with more than 60% of the ballots.

The play: When Roy Gerela slipped at kickoff, the squibbed kick went off Randy White, who was playing with a cast. Pittsburgh recovered and then fired the game-deciding score.


11- Bus Runs Over Urlacher - 12/11/05 Week 14

Round 1 recap: Upset Mike Wagner’s Super Bowl Interception with 85.2% of the twitter vote and 68% of the website vote.

The play: Just a poster of a play. The Steelers were in the middle of an 8-game winning streak to secure the 6th seed in the playoffs and ultimately their 5th Super Bowl ring.

Bonus commentary: Here’s a real test for the Bettis moment. If the Bus continues to move forward, we can definitely make some assumptions about the recency bias of the voters.


Better Moment?

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  • 55%
    3: Swann’s Flying Circus
    (107 votes)
  • 44%
    11: Bus runs over Urlacher
    (87 votes)
194 votes total Vote Now

5 - Tommy’s Renegade Comeback - 1/5/03 AFC Wildcard

Round 1 recap: won with 56% of the website vote and 78.3% of the twitter vote.

The play: The birth of Renegade. Tommy Maddox, the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year, threw three touchdown passes in the final 19 minutes, rallying from a 17-point deficit to beat the Browns 36-33. A 2nd and goal draw from the 4 to Chris Fuamatu Ma’afala was the game-winner.


13 - Troy’s Strip Sack - 12/5/10 Week 13

Round 1 recap: Upset Jack Ham’s pick of Stabler with 74% of the website vote and 75% of the twitter vote.

The play: The Division title and a 1st round bye were on the line. Baltimore was winning 10-6 and had 3 and change left on the clock. They just needed a couple first downs to end the game. With a 2nd and 5 at their own 43, Pittsburgh blitzed Timmons and Troy. Ray Rice could only pick one.

Bonus commentary: Is it possible this Polamalu play was grossly under-seeded? Or is this the bracket’s ultimate Cinderella?


Better Moment?

This poll is closed

  • 21%
    5: Tommy’s Comeback
    (41 votes)
  • 78%
    13: Troy’s Strip Sa k
    (149 votes)
190 votes total Vote Now

Check back tomorrow for the last batch in the round of 32.

Kyle Chrise is the host of the Steel Curtain Network podcast “What Yinz Talkin’ Bout.” New Episodes drop every Thursday.