One more big signing

I appreciate all we have done so far in this free agency period. All of these signings have been solid for building a good team. I think we have one more big signing coming. While I have no inside information I just can’t help but think we are going to make another big move. That move? Left tackle. The fact that we were in the Orlando Brown Jr sweepstakes tells me the front office saw what we saw as fans. Dan is a serviceable backup but not the answer to keep Kenny healthy and the offense on the field. Enter Donovan Smith. He’s 29 and has some tread left on those tires. He’s been injured recently which isn’t great but at the same time can play to our advantage. He would be an instant upgrade for us and would give us a formidable offensive line heading into the season. While we will still have holes in our roster I think all of those signing are done on a cheaper deal if not vet minimum. Bud Dupree if we can sign him to a one year 4-5 million dollar contract, Edmunds for 2 yr/6 M, Marcedes Lewis, Boykin or Sims for vet min., a low cost NT type.

We do this and we roll into the draft with needs at CB, DT, WR, MLB, RB, QB and then any other positions we would like to add to the room. Post draft we can always add more vet minimum players if needed.

In doing this it gives us great flexibility in the draft. We could take a top corner, top DT, or if MT has his way Trenton Simpson (please no) with our first pick. My feel is it’s CB if MT doesn’t get his way and if one of those top three corners are still there. Then with pick 32 we could take DT, Benton or WR Addison and follow that up with Campbell, Sanders or Simpson at pick 49. Taking a TE, QB, RB and then an edge or another DT in no particular order to fill up our roster.

In the past we became predictable. I find it refreshing that we are much less predictable with the new GM calling the shots. I could be totally off base here with all of this. Given our needs and what I’ve seen so far I am encouraged that we aren’t being fed more of the same acceptance of mediocrity. Here’s to hoping we can nail down a solid off-season.

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