The steps needed to rebuild the steelers in the 2023 offseason

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been to 16 AFC championships and have won 8. They have then gone on to win 6 super bowls. They have had 9 winning record seasons in a row. Almost lost that in 2022 but ended their season on a 7 game win streak. To keep this alive they are going to need a very good 2023 offseason. They will need to have a very good 2023 draft, get rid of some coaches and keep the ones who are helpful, and extend some contracts.

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Here are a couple steps the steelers need to take to rebuild their team.

Let's start with the offense. Running back? Locked. Nahjee Harris is in his 2nd steelers with the steelers with over 2000 rushing yards. Wide receivers? Semi locked. George Pickens had 800 receiving yards in rookie season and Dionate Johnson who is only 26 years old had 800+ receiving yards in 2022. Might just need to draft or trade for 1 more. And even a good rookie quarterback. Kenny Pickett is the guy the steelers need who is young and can learn his way through their organization. Kenny had about 2,500 passing yards his rookie season while not playing most games in the beginning of season. But these guys need an offensive line to work behind while they are on the field.

On the other side of the ball the steelers need to fill in some of their weaker spots from this past season. They have other sources already on defense including outside linebacker TJ watt, Safety Minkah Fitzpatrick, defensive tackle Cam Heyward and more. But they still need to fill in some positions that they are weaker in or have some issues with this past season.

For special teams. Kicker? Locked. Chris Boswell has been getting better and better and the steelers need to try to keep him until he retires. As well as a valuable good punter (Pressley Harvin 3) who was very improved in the 2022 season compared to his rookie season.

2023 Draft

For the 2023 draft the top 5 positions they should go for are a defensive tackle, left or right guard, cornerback, edge rusher, and a linebacker. Here is a draft plan for the steelers in 2023 and who they should try to get.

  1. Round 1 Pick #17 - Offensive tackle - Georgia - Broderick Jones - started all 12 games in 2022. Was an all sec first team pick and 2022-2023 National champion.

  2. Round 2 Pick #32 - Cornerback - Mississippi State - Emmanuel Forbes- Was a 3 year starter for Mississippi while having 40+ solo tackles, in 2022.

  3. Round 2 Pick #49 - Edge - Ohio state - Zach Harrison - Team captain at OSU and was a 2021 all Big ten 2nd team player.

  4. Round 3 Pick #80 - Linebacker - Iowa - Jack Campell - 3 year starter on Iowa while having 59 solo tackles in 2022.

  5. Round 4 Pick #120 - Offensive Tackle - Florida - Richard Gouraige - Started all 13 games at Florida in 2022 on an offensive line limiting opponents to about 1.3 sacks per game.

Contract Extensions

A couple of personal preferences would be for the offense to keep star young wide receiver George Pickens. He is now going into his 2nd season with the steelers while on a 4 year contract but i think he might be worth the money and extend his contract after that. On the defensive side I would want them to extend starting outside linebacker TJ watt. He is on a 4 year deal. He would be worth the money as we saw in the 2022 season when he was out from injury the defense was just not as good.

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Now according to Tom Jaggi and steelers reporter who has had interviews with many steelers players predicts the next 3 players who will get their contract extended. He says first Dionate Johnson so there is a star receiver who could be as good as one of the big names one day. (AJ brown). Next Chris Boswell to another 3-5 year deal. He is now 31 years old and has been very very good the past 3 years converting over 90% of his field goal attempts. Extend his contract for a couple more years and then hope he retires as a steeler. "Boswell has since been electric over the past three years" said Jaggi. Third, he says the Steelers should extend safety Minikiah Fitzpatrick. He has been with the steelers since 2019 and has been very good for them having over 100 tackles and most interceptions on the team in 2022. He is also just 26 years old and has made it to 2 pro bowls already.


For coaching changes, In my opinion Mike Tomlin is one of the best head coaches in the NFL. Mike Tomlin has 21 years of experience and has been with the steelers for 16 years. In all 16 years of being with the steelers Tomlin has yet to have a losing season. The head coaching job I believe will stay the same way. Now 3 coaching changes the steelers need to make before the 2023 season should first get rid of offensive coordinator Matt Canada. "Matt Canada has really done the least this season in terms of providing a capable offense. The schemes have been predictable, the play calling juvenile, and this unit as a whole has tanked with Canada at the helm." The steelers have great offensive players just need the right plays to be called for them to look good while doing their job. 2nd the linebackers have not been playing well the past couple years so it should be time to get rid of Jerry Olsavsky. He has been with the team for 7 years but has not made enough out of the guys he has. Time to get somebody new. And 3rd the special teams coordinator. Danny Smith has been coaching 30 years and has been the Steelers special teams coordinator since 2013. He has had some success but with the players the steelers have had just not enough and the special teams unit has been lacking. The steelers are going to need quite a bit of change to get back on track in 2023 and on, but these 3 coaches seem to be the underperforming ones that need to be replaced.

Steelers have one of the best franchises in the league having 6 super bowl rings and 16 appearances in the AFC championship. Who wouldn't want to see the steelers stay as a top tier team again and bring another championship back to Pittsburgh. Before they do that though these are the changes I believe need to happen.

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