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A look back at the Steelers week that was: Filling out the Back End edition

BTSC’s random-thought renegade is back with his bizarre look at the Steelers week that was.

NFL: DEC 24 Raiders at Steelers Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The focus for the Steelers is now 2023 and despite no games for a while, there’s a slew of news coming out of Steeltown. With Free Agency right around the corner, things are heating up in the Steel City. Let’s all take a look at the week in the ‘burgh together.

Sunday 3/19

The Steelers getting more Hawaiian toughness on the offensive line. the Andy Weidl hiring pays big dividends here with another solid Eagle leaving the nest and flying west.

Thielan was a guy that yinzers wanted to welcome with open arms. Carolina is getting interesting in a hurry.

Andy Weidl can’t bring everybody into the Burgh.

Monday 3/20

Total guaranteed money is $12 million according to OTC. And his cap hit is under $5 million for this year.

Defense is going to still be high priority in this draft.

You don’t need to be a big name to be a great coach. Like these promotions a lot.

Yinzers had Dobbs coming back to business. The ex-Steeler has landed back in the Land.

Tuesday 3/21

Wow!!!! A part of me would have loved to see what Big Ben would have done as a Niner last season.

You don’t want the dude as a starter, but this is a phenomenal depth and ST piece of the puzzle,

Wednesday 3/22

Looks like the Hassenh-era is over in the Burgh.

New digits for new players, but no surprises.

The Browns are trying once again for a vertical passing game, but will it ever happen?

Absolutely heartbreaking news. His condition was found through a physical. Get well soon, Foster.

Thursday 3/23

Well, looks like that cat’s out of the bag. But where is he heading?

The Steelers are getting hella respect here. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Good luck in the District, Trent Scott. We hardly knew ye.

New rules = new ways to exploit them.

Friday 3/24

Did the Eagles and the Steelers all get in a room and draw straws for which Pennsylvania team to play for?

Good for Sims Jr. This isn’t a debilitating loss though.

That’s So Le’Raven. That’s great depth for the Pickett Fence.

Bud Dupree has been on the radar. We’ve known this. It’s simple if he’s healthy. the price is right, and he knows his role, this is a good thing.

Saturday 3/25

I think this is smart. Gentry just fits.

This was the significant week that was for the Steelers, mixed-in with my black-and-gold loving life. I’m sure next week will be full of Steelers happenings as well, so we’ll have to do this again. Have a great week, but better yet, have a BAD one.

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