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Lamar Jackson officially requests trade from Baltimore Ravens

The AFC North was rocked with the news of Lamar Jackson formally requesting a trade out of Baltimore.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers have been glued to the Lamar Jackson saga in Baltimore for months now. Whether it was the reports of Jackson being healthy enough to play at season’s end, the reports of him requesting a trade, or the team placing a franchise tag on him. Steelers fans watched all of it seeing how it would play out.

Throughout the offseason, the Jackson rumors continued to swirl, and the Baltimore Ravens putting the non-exclusive rights franchise tag only made these rumors intensify. As of the 27th, these rumors have come to a head when Jackson took to his verified Twitter account saying he requested a trade from Baltimore.

The timing of this was near perfect, as the news broke just as John Harbaugh was slated to sit in front of media at the league’s owners meetings. When asked about it, Harbaugh continued to suggest trust in Jackson being the quarterback for the Ravens in 2023.

Harbaugh can say what he wants, but there is a chance Jackson simply sits out 2023 if a trade can’t get done. This has been done before, and something Steelers fans are familiar with after the Le’Veon Bell saga.

Nonetheless, if there is a team who has the draft capital to make the trade for Jackson, it might be the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts’ first round pick would put the Ravens in position to draft a quarterback who they deem to be the future signal caller, all while cutting ties with Jackson.

This story is just getting started, and with the 2023 NFL Draft coming at the end of the month, expect these rumors/reports to intensify.

As for Steelers fan, they are able to sit back and watch as the Ravens have to go through this turmoil, and Pittsburgh has a quarterback they deem to be their future already in the fold.