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Podcasts: All the latest from the SCN family of Pittsburgh Steelers shows, Friday edition

Get the latest Steel Curtain Network podcast content in the ‘Podcast Roundup’.

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We here at BTSC, and our podcast platform Steel Curtain Network, are here with you every step of the way as the Steelers set the stage for 2023. With so much going on, make sure you check out our ‘Podcast Roundup’ article to keep up with the latest podcasts that cover everything Steelers for your black-and-gold knowledge, curiosity and enjoyment.

With that being said and typed, have fun with the shows below with a brief description of each podcast.

What Yinz Talkin’ Bout: March Mocks in Like a Lion

What Yinz Talkin’ Bout is the conversation about the Steelers social media conversation, exposing the week’s hottest and most toxic takes on the internet. This week, it’s all eyes on Omar Khan, and not everyone is liking what he’s saying. Plus, where Keith Butler ranks among Pittsburgh’s defensive coordinators, the former QB who has little faith in Kenny, and our first look at Mock Draft season. Join hosts Kyle Chrise & Greg Benevent for the most irrelevant and irreverent Steelers podcast.

Rundown of the show:

  • Toxic Takes
  • The Omar Khan Plan
  • Kevin Butler’s Legacy
  • Not Everybody Loves Kenny
  • Mock Draft Season
  • Much, Much More

Take a deep dive into the world of Steelers social media from a yinzer perspective as Steel Curtain Network proudly presents a very unique show that highlights “What Yinz Talkin’ Bout”.

The Steelers Preview: How much stock should be put into the NFL Combine?

The NFL Combine is here. How much does it define when it comes to the decision making of GMs? This is just one of the subjects that will be discussed and speculated on in the latest edition in the flagship show of the Steel Curtain Network’s family of podcasts with Jeff Hartman, Dave Schofield, and Bryan Anthony Davis.

Check out the rundown of the show:

  • News of the Week
  • The importance of the NFL Cobine to the Steelers
  • Trivia
  • Final Thoughts

Let’s Ride, Friday: The Steelers’ roster isn’t as bad as many make it out to be

There’s been tons of dismay due to the omnipresent narrative that the Steelers’ roster is not too good. But is this a mere misconception? Steel Curtain Network’s Jeff Hartman outlines it all on the latest episode of “Let’s Ride”.

Check out the rundown of the show:

  • News and Notes
  • Is the black-and-gold roster better than some think?
  • A visit from Jeremy Betz in the All Betz Are Off segment
  • Hart to Heart
  • and MUCH MORE!

Jeff Hartman of SCN walks you through everything you need to know regarding the black-and-gold.

Be sure to check out this and all episodes on the following platforms:

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