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Collecting Steelers: McDonald’s Glassware

Raise a glass if you had one of these collectables.

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There was a time when living within Steelers Nation came with some perks. For instance, our McDonald’s didn’t only have happy meal toys for kids. Over the years, Micky Dees has given Steelers fans enough collective glassware to fill anyone’s cupboard. So let’s raise a glass!

1979: Super Bowl XIII

Super Bowl XIII glasses

Glass 1: John Stallworth, Joe Greene, Mike Wagner

Glass 2: Sam Davis, Jack Lambert, John Banaszak

Glass 3: Mike Webster, Terry Bradshaw, LC Greenwood

Glass 4: Donnie Shell, Rocky Bleier, Jack Ham

These glasses also included a scene from the game, like Greene and Lambert rushing the passer. (no franco?). You can find these on eBay for between $30-$40.

1980: Super Bowl XIV

Super Bowl XIV glasses

Glass 1: Jon Kolb, Jack Lambert, Mel Blount

Glass 2: Rocky Bleier, John Stallworth, Dirt Winston

Glass 3: Sidney Thornton, Joe Greene, Matt Bahr

Glass 4: Sam Davis, Terry Bradshaw, Jack Ham

It’s pretty wild to once again see Franco absent. Sidney Thornton is included, who averaged 5 yards per carry that season. He also had 816 total yards, more than Rocky’s 711. Dennis “Dirt” Winston also gets a glass. He started for an injured Jack Ham in that Super Bowl. Matt Bahr was the rookie kicker that season from Penn State. I found a set for sale on eBay for under $50.

1982: 50th Anniversary All-Time Greatest Team

1982 50th Anniversary Team Glasses

Glass 1: Gerry Mullins, Larry Brown, Jack Lambert, Franco Harris, Pat Brady, Dwight White

Glass 2: Joe Greene, Elbie Nickel, Jon Kolb, Rocky Bleier, Donnie Shell, Jack Ham

Glass 3: Roy Gerela, Sam Davis, Mike Wagner, LC Greenwood, Mike Webster, Lynn Swann

Glass 4: Mel Blount, Ernie Stautner, Terry Bradshaw, Andy Russell, John Stallworth, Jack Butler

It’s a little harder to find a complete set of these online. Here’s one set for $55. I was able to more easily find individual glasses for about $10 on eBay.

1990: Hall of Fame Inductees

1990 Hall of Fame Glasses

Glass 1: Jack Lambert, Arthur J Rooney, Ernie Stautner

Glass 2: Johnny “Blood” McNally, Franco Harris, Joe Greene

Glass 3: John Henry Johnson, Terry Bradshaw, Bill Dudley

Glass 4: Jack Ham, Bobby Layne, Mel Blount

These are probably the most commonly found for sale online. Sets go for around $30 on eBay.

By 1992, McDonalds had moved on to plastic collectors cups with the Olympic Dream Team. Eat’N Park would introduce a glass set that featured Jerome Bettis, Carnell Lake, Bill Cowher and Greg Lloyd. They’d also release their own Hall of Fame series that included Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Franco Harris and Terry Bradshaw. However, Arby’s was actually first to enter the collector glassware game. In 1976, they released a set that included Rocky Bleier, Glen Edwards, Andy Russel, Jack Ham and Dwight White.

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