Is there a player in this draft that can save us one pick?

Is there a player in this draft that can save us one pick?

Jalen Carter Georgia · DT · Junior

He has the versatility to line up at any position along the defensive front. Against the pass, he has an explosive first step and understands how to work through the edges of blockers. He jars opponents with his initial strike before clearing his hips and closing in on the quarterback. He has the change-of-direction ability of a player 40-to-50 pounds lighter. He can use pure power to run through single blocks and possesses the quickness to split double teams. Against the run, he is firm and strong at the point of attack and has the range to make plays on the perimeter.

save EDGE & NT

Lukas Van Ness Iowa · Edge · Sophomore (RS)

Van Ness is a powerful defensive lineman with the versatility to stand up on the edge or slide inside and play over the guard. He is excellent at collapsing the pocket with his bull rush, getting his hands inside and driving opponents back with ease.

save DE & NT

Nolan Smith Georgia · Edge · Senior

Smith is an undersized edge rusher with elite change of direction and burst. As a pass rusher, he has a dynamic get-off from a two-point stance, and his ability to bend and close at the top of his rush is special. He is a very loose and twitched-up athlete. When he gets upfield, he can put his outside foot in the ground and explode back inside to defeat blocks. Against the run, he's at his best when he uses his quickness to slip blocks and penetrate.

save ILB & OLB

Keion White Georgia Tech · Edge · Senior (RS)

White is a twitched-up edge rusher with a defensive tackle frame. Against the pass, he has an explosive first step and can really bend at the top of his rush. He can convert speed to power and refuses to stay blocked. He never stops working to free himself and he can stack one move after another. He is a freaky athlete in coverage.Against the run, he is violent with his hands to shock and shed blocks.

save NT & DE

If we can draft a player who is versatile to safe us a pick will be really helpful this draft

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