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Which position group is least concerning for the 2023 Steelers ahead of the draft?

When looking forward at the Steelers season to come, which area of the field is the least cause for concern?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2022 season has now been concluded for months and the 2023 offseason is rolling on. After having plenty of time to look back and reflect on both the accomplishments and shortcomings of this past year‘s team, the page has been turned to look forward for quite some time.

Since it’s impossible to go back and change the past, what’s most important when looking at 2022 is to see how it builds towards the future in 2023 and beyond. With much discussion about which position group the Steelers need to improve based on free agent losses, additions, and things of that nature, sometimes what gets lost in the shuffle‘s where the Steelers had both the most and least success in the previous year and how that builds into the following season. It’s possible for the Steelers to be losing no one at a given position yet still need to do something based on expectations coming up short the previous year. Additionally, another position group could be the strongest for the team and a focus on keeping the group intact might be the best approach.

Last month, we looked at both the most concerning and least concerning position groups based on the 2022 season. The instructions were to only look back and not look forward. The next step was to take those results, mixed with the Steelers players that were set to become free agents at the beginning of the league year, and decide where the Steelers were set up the best and worst as they headed into free agency. Now that free agency is almost six weeks old, let’s look at the same questions just ahead of the 2023 NFL draft. Since yesterday was the discussion of weakest spots, let’ continue on with the strengths.

So the question for today is this: Which position group of the 2023 Pittsburgh Steelers is the least area of concern going into the draft? Remember, this will take the results from where we were looking back at this past season as well how things stood before free agency to help answer the question now. Players lost and gained will also be listed.

Note: This is merely looking at the strongest position groups, not what the Steelers should be ruling out in the draft.

*Player is still a free agent
**Player was released by the Steelers but still unsigned

Running back:

Looking back at 2022: 16%
Before free agency: 37%
Players lost: Derek Watt*, Benny Snell Jr.*
Player gained: None

When looking back at 2022 the running back position was in the top three for being the least amount of concern, but shot to the top spot when it came to looking forward ahead of free agency. At this time, it seems that the 1-2 punch of Harris and Warren have eased the mind of Steelers’ Nation for the time being.

Tight end:

Looking back at 2022: 29%
Before free agency: 18%
Players lost: None
Players gained: None

Having the least amount of concern for the Steelers when looking at 2022, Steelers’ fans didn’t quite feel the same way as they had ahead of free agency. Was re-signing Zach Gentry to run it back again for 2023 enough to make it the least concerning position?


Looking back at 2022: 3%
Before free agency: 13%
Players lost: Mason Rudolph*
Players gained: None

As I said in yesterday'sarticle, those that are concerned about quarterback are not likely to change how they feel because nothing has really changed about the position. It was interesting to see how much the concern dropped between looking at 2022 and going into free agency.


Looking back at 2022: 1%
Before free agency: 9%
Players lost: None
Players gained: Braden Mann

This is another position group were the concern moving forward was much less than looking back. Does adding another punter into the mix do enough to make it even less concerning?

Wide receiver:

Looking back at 2022: 3%
Before free agency: 7%
Players lost: Miles Boykin*, Steven Sims
Players gained: Allen Robinson

Thinking the wide receivers room was looking good was on the rise heading into free agency. With the recent addition of Allen Robinson, will the rise continue?

Outside linebacker:

Looking back at 2022: 9%
Before free agency: 5%
Players lost: Malik Reed, Jamir Jones**
Players gained: None

Dissatisfaction with the entire position group at outside linebacker dropped ahead of free agency and the Steelers have not added any more at the position. It does make it difficult to say the position doesn’t have any concern when the issue of depth has huge question mark.


Looking back at 2022: 28%
Before free agency: 3%
Players lost: Terrell Edmunds, Karl Joseph*
Players gained: Keanu Neal

Steelers’ fans loved the play of the safeties last year and weren’t concerned much, but with who were the main players other than Minkah Fitzpatrick being free agents it wasn’t the same. Does the return of Kazee and the swap of Neal for Edmonds make them any less concerned?

Inside linebacker:

Looking back at 2022: 5%
Before free agency: 3%
Players lost: Devin Bush, Robert Spillane, Marcus Allen*, Myles Jack**
Players gained: Cole Holcomb, Elandon Roberts, Tanner Muse

When it comes to the inside linebacker position, most fans who aren’t concerned isn’t because of the personnel they have but more and how they value the position on the defense.

Defensive line:

Looking back at 2022: 2%
Before free agency: 3%
Players lost: Chris Wormley*, Tyson Alualu*
Players gained: Breiden Fehoko, Armon Watts

There weren’t a lot of Steelers fans who felt the defensive line was a strength either last season or heading into free agency. I’m not sure the Steelers did that much to move the needle despite signing Larry Ogunjobi.

Offensive line:

Looking back at 2022: 3%
Before free agency: 2%
Players lost: J.C. Hassenauer, Trent Scott, Jesse Davis*
Players gained: Isaac Seumalo, Nate Herbig, Le’Raven Clark

The Steelers made the most moves at the offensive line, especially at the guard position. Does this change anything with those who aren’t concerned with the position?


Looking back at 2022: 1%
Before free agency: 1%
Players lost: Cam Sutton
Players gained: Patrick Peterson

It’s very difficult to find many Steelers fans who think the cornerback position is looking very strong right now.

So there is a brief reminder as to how each position group performed in the two previous polls, as well as players lost and gained in free agency. Now the rest of the story is up to you. Which position group do you believe is the least concerning heading towards the 2023 NFL draft? Make sure to vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments below. We will return to this question after the NFL draft.


Which position group is least concerning for the Steelers heading into the 2023 NFL draft?

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  • 35%
    Running back
    (267 votes)
  • 16%
    Tight end
    (125 votes)
  • 19%
    (144 votes)
  • 5%
    (39 votes)
  • 7%
    Wide receiver
    (59 votes)
  • 1%
    Outside linebacker
    (12 votes)
  • 1%
    (15 votes)
  • 1%
    Inside linebacker
    (14 votes)
  • 1%
    Defensive line
    (12 votes)
  • 3%
    Offensive line
    (24 votes)
  • 5%
    (43 votes)
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