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2023 NFL Draft: Grading the Steelers other seventh round selection of Spencer Anderson

The Pittsburgh Steelers have selected Maryland C/G Spencer Anderson with the 251st selection of the 2023 NFL Draft.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 15 Maryland at Indiana Photo by James Black/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

What potentially could be the greatest draft class for the Steelers that I can ever remember came to a surprising end, with the Steelers utilizing their final selection on a prospect that I had honestly never even heard of.

I am not sure everyone fully realizes how difficult a feat that actually is to pull off. In this era of endless mock drafts and countless evaluations, almost every prospect gets a mention somewhere, but the Steelers managed to totally surprise me. I would be willing to bet that I wasn't the only one either.

I have been given the distinguished task of trying to apply a letter grade to each Steelers selection.

There are specific criteria necessary when attempting to accurately and fairly grade any draft pick. Only time will reveal the validity of any grade given, but I will utilize certain parameters as I attempt to apply an initial grade for each Steelers draft pick. I base each grade on projected roster fit, potential immediate impact, and assumed draft value. Draft value is achieved by evaluating each players actual selection against their projected draft position, whether that be player rankings or projected round.

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Maryland C/G Spencer Anderson with the 251st selection of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Seventh round selections are by definition longshots. Athletic prospects with interesting or intriguing potential. Oftentimes they are extremely raw, as they enter the NFL without a established position, or attempting the dreaded position switch at the highest level.

Spencer Anderson is a versatile and experienced offensive lineman from a top conference. What made his selection such a headscratcher for me initially was the fact that the Steelers already have an abundance of interior offensive linemen, making his prescence seem overly redundant. Maybe Anderson is being brought in to light a fire under the behinds of Kendrick Green and Kevin Dotson. Survival of the fittest, winner takes all kind of situation.

Anderson is a jack of all trades along the offensive line, master of none. He played all five positions on the offensive line for Maryland at one time or another. That type of versatility would seem to threaten Green's roster spot more than anyone else, seeing how Green is unwilling or incapable of learning to play center.

Anderson has good size at 6'5" and 310 lbs. His evaluations are all over the place. One publication stated he was tough, smart, and nasty; but claimed he was only an average athlete. That doesn't seem to jive with his 9.37 RAS score, which is considered elite for the position.

I believe the discrepancies in so many of the evaluations is the direct result of the versatile young man playing so many positions. Some of his technique issues aren't as impactful at one position as they might prove to be at another.

Anderson faces a tough uphill climb for a roster spot on a surprisingly deep Steelers depth chart along the offensive line, but his level of extreme versatility could very well earn him a spot on the practice squad, and makes his selection seem much more reasonable.

Based on the criteria mentioned earlier in this article, I give the Steelers seventh round selection of Spencer Anderson an initial draft grade of B.

Now we want to hear from the BTSC community and from Steelers Nation. What do you think about the selection and what initial grade would you give it. Please place your vote in the attached poll and share your reasoning in the comment section below.

I am pleased to welcome Spencer Anderson to the Steelers family on behalf of the BTSC staff and community. Go Steelers!


What initial draft grade would you give the Steelers seventh round selection of Spencer Anderson?

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