Steelers' Biggest Needs AFTER the draft

Well, the draft is over and we've finally found out how the bulk of our holes and needs will be filled, but there's still plenty of offseason left. Remember, Joe Haden was signed on August 30! While it's unlikely that we grab a starter that late in the year again, camp cuts are a great time to nab some better depth pieces. I guarantee you the league will be looking to see who we cut on the IOL, and we'll be doing the same to teams who are deep at positions where we lack depth. What are some of those spots?

ILB and OLB - It's not entirely clear whether Nick Herbig will be an OLB or ILB, but either way he's not likely to be a major contributor immediately, if ever, and he can only be one or the other. With the release of Jamir Jones, we could use another warm body at OLB if nothing else.

SAF (and CB?) - Right now our second safety slot looks like a rotation between Keanu Neal and Damontae Kazee. Both should be able to fill their roles well, but neither can really fill in for the other if one gets injured and both of course have limitations that create opportunities for opposing offenses. The Steelers signed Chandon Sullivan to compete with Maulet for the slot CB position, but neither of them is exciting enough to prevent you from thinking about employing a 3rd safety instead in nickel packages. Maybe Cory Trice could be this guy? Sounds like they at least try him as a CB first, though, where he has higher value. A do everything SS who is better at the LOS than Kazee and better in coverage than Neal would be a nice add, even if it's just for depth.

The Steelers have done a good job filling holes this offseason, but there still are some issues that could be addressed, especially at ILB and OLB. Fortunately, there's still time to fill those needs. What are your thoughts on positions the Steelers could be looking for at help at when camp cuts roll around?

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