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The Steelers look silly and petty for being so secretive at OTAs

Why so secretive, Steelers? Why won’t you give the fans more than little morsels from OTAs? Are you afraid you’ll score less than 18.1 points per game in 2023?

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers OTA Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

“People seem interested in why we can’t report stuff we see at practice

Teams are only required to have one OTA open per week and can limit it to specific time media is allowed to watch (usually stretching)

They allow us every day and all practice but under their rules. We agree”

The above is a May 24th Tweet by Mark Kaboly, a veteran Steelers beat writer for The Athletic.

The Tweet came on the heels of an apparent stern talking to from the Steelers to reporters at the start of OTAs last week. Evidently, the organization was a bit miffed word leaked out that T.J. Watt was MIA for the first day of these supposedly voluntary Organized Team Activities.

Yes, as Kaboly’s Tweet suggests, journalists can only report things said to them by coaches, players, etc. They cannot report anything they see.

Oh, brother.

Here’s an idea, Steelers, you should look into getting over yourselves.

I know this has been asked a million times since last week, but if reporters can’t report anything they see at OTAs, why should they bother to show up to OTAs? Yes, again, they can talk to players and coaches, and anything said directly to them is fair game.

Or is it?

Heaven forbid these players and/or coaches say anything controversial. The Steelers just might scold the players and/or coaches. They’ll probably even scold the reporters again, even though they would only be guilty of doing exactly what the organization said was allowed.

I fully understand this is an NFL policy, not a Steelers policy, but this is a Steelers website I’m writing this article on, so excuse me for only calling them out for looking petty.

Because the Steelers do, just like like looked petty two summers ago when they urged fans in attendance at Heinz Field for training camp to refrain from recording anything and then posting it on social media.

I realize most teams are guarded when it comes to practices and worry about their potential game plans and schemes leaking out and falling into the wrong hands (maybe even the ones belonging to Bill Belichick), but Pittsburgh scored 20.2 points per game in 2021 and 18.1 points per game last year.

I’m not so sure Belichick, or any other opposing coach, is all that concerned about the Steelers’ game plans and schemes.

Especially at OTAs. Again, Steelers, get over yourselves.

This is not classified information, at least not the serious kind.

It’s football. In fact, it’s football in shorts.

Steelers fans crave news 24/7/365, so much so that they devour any little morsel you throw their way. Yet, when it comes to giving them actual news, you pull down your Steel Curtain as if they were the enemy.

The maddening thing about the NFL is the league tries to dominate the entire offseason in terms of news stories.

“Forget about those basketball and hockey games. Pay attention to these draft prospects running around in Under Armour gear all week!”

“Forget about the opening of baseball season. Forget about the NBA and NHL postseasons. Pay attention to the highly-illegal thing we do at the end of every April where we force college kids to work for specific organizations!”

“Pay attention over here. You already know who and where the Steelers will play in 2023, but now we’re going to give you the when!”

“Forget about your Memorial Day plans. Pay attention to these voluntary practices in helmets and shorts. Look, we’re stretching really hard in preparation for the upcoming campaign. Seventh Heaven! Let’s get it! Let’s goooooo! Let’s put that work in! #Pumped!”

But, to reiterate, when it comes to actual news...

“You weren’t supposed to know about that. I want you to forget everything you saw here, today. Is that clear, soldier?”

I’ll just wrap this article up by saying this:

I haven’t been to training camp at Saint Vincent College in five years. I’m thinking of going this summer.

I’ll probably even bring my smartphone.