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Memorable Steelers drinking performances

Kenny brings his own drinking style to the black & gold

When Kenny “The Pickler” Pickett hit the stage during the Luke Combs concert to shotgun a Miller Lite, he became the part of a great Steelers beer-drinking tradition. Whether it was the dynasty teams keeping a garbage can of beer in the locker room, or Todd Haley getting to know the fans better, Steelers and oat sodas seem to go together like black and gold. Let’s look at some of their different drinking styes.

Mike Tomlin - The Subtle Sipper

Coach T keeps it blue collar. In a world of IPAs, he stays simple and domestic. When Ben was sharing boutique beers with Coach on his podcast, Tomlin needed something more standard. You won’t see him chugging in front of the cameras. In fact, when Tomlin was spotted at the Pens game last year, even his son Dino called his sips junior varsity.

Mitch Trubisky - A Veteran’s Pour

He may be Pittsburgh’s QB2, but as a drinker, Mitch has starting skills. He doesn’t have the flash of Pickett, but you can’t argue with the results. In fact, this is the kind of poise a backup needs when he’s getting thrown into the fire at a moment’s notice.

Alejandro Villanueva - The Stone Cold Enthusiast

Maybe the only performance on this list more epic than Kenny’s shotgun. If Kenny is the frat president, then AV is Bluto Blutarsky. No wonder he’s lost so much weight. The less beer makes it into your mouth, the less calories you consume.

Jeff Reed - A Lifetime of Achievement

No single performance can define Reed’s resume. He KO’d a Sheetz paper towel holder. He let his little hypocycloid wave in the wind with Matt Spaeth. He was even kicked out of the Hall of Fame game as a civilian.

Bonus Jeff Reed Moment:

Ben Roethlisberger - Drink Like a Champion

Decades before Kenny learned how to shotgun a beer, Ben was creating viral drinking moments. He’s earned the credibility today to rate brews on his podcast.

Kyle Chrise is the host of the SCN podcast “What Yinz Talkin’ Bout.” New episodes are released every Thursday.