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Nick Herbig living out a dream, in more than one way

The Pittsburgh Steelers 4th Round pick is living out a dream after being drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Maryland v Wisconsin Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

You don’t have to tell fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers if their favorite team likes to bring in players with NFL/family ties. They’ve done it so much that there was no shock when the team drafted Nick Herbig in the 4th Round of the 2023 NFL Draft. As most black-and-gold fans know, Nick’s older brother, Nate, was a free agent acquisition this past offseason after stints with the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets.

When younger brother Nick got the phone call from Omar Khan telling him he was being drafted by the Steelers, it was a dream come true for multiple reasons. Not just making it to the NFL, but also being able to play along side his brother.

“I can’t really explain it to you. I’m at a loss for words.” Herbig said after he was picked in the 4th Round. “This is all I’ve ever dreamed about, to get a chance to play for the Steelers. Such a legendary organization and I get to play with my brother, so that’s all I could ever ask for.”

Has Herbig thought about playing with his brother before? Is this something which has been discussed throughout their lives?

“Me and him talked about this since we were little kids.” said Herbig. “We grew up and shared the same dream, we work out together, we do everything together. That’s my best friend. I don’t think blood could make us any closer, and in my brother’s famous words, ‘I’m just happy to be here.’”

There are four years between the two Herbig boys, so it was natural to ask if the two have ever played on the same together?

“When we were little, but not like this.”

During Nate’s introductory press conference he was asked about his younger brother, and all he said was how he was a stud. Makes you wonder if he lobbied for him. Did Nate do some diligence with the front office?

“I don’t know what he did, but man, this is just a dream come true to play with my brother.” Nick said. “I can’t really ask for much more.” Ultimately, the two brothers are excited to start this new adventure together. Something they’ve talked about a lot through the years. “Everyday. As long as I can remember, every day. That’s all we ever wanted. This is all we worked for. We dedicated our whole life to this. This is it. It’s here now. It’s time.”

Outside of the family ties, many are wondering how Nick will be utilized in the Steelers defense. Will he be asked to bulk up? Will he flex inside? Nick is willing to do whatever they ask of him during his time in Pittsburgh.

“I’m just thinking they want me to come in and be a dog, and that’s what I do. So, whatever they want me to do, I’m going to do it.100 percent.” said Herbig.

These are the feel-good stories the NFL loves to promote, but Nick isn’t just there for the public relations content. He wants to prove his worth, make the team, and be a player for the Steelers defense. Whether that happens is anyone’s guess, but he’ll have plenty of opportunities to turn heads in the black-and-gold...with Nate right by his side.

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