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The More You Know: Random facts about your Pittsburgh Steelers, Current and Future HOF edition

Time to learn more about your favorite NFL team, and some trivia as well!

NFL: APR 28 2023 Draft Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s the offseason for the Pittsburgh Steelers and there are so many topics to talk and write about. Free agents, the coordinator conundrum, the next quarterback, the NFL Draft, signings, retirements and breaking news will all be covered here at BTSC. But who’s going to give you little-known-facts out of the 500 Level?

Luckily, your one-stop, and non-stop, shop for everything Steelers employs a Steelers fan that was allegedly dropped on his head as a one-year-old during the Immaculate Reception. Useless and somewhat fascinating facts are his forte. So, here we are with off-the-wall thoughts from the dark side of a black-and-gold brain that nobody asked for. But the joke’s on you as you’ll be telling your peeps something you read here later.

Hypocycloids Gone Madison Avenue

Everybody knows the famous “Thanks Mean Joe” Coca Cola commercial, but there’s a less famous Coke spot from 1981 that advertised a contest that you don’t see these days. Man, I would have loved one of those jerseys.

BTSC Steelers Jeopardy

(Answer at bottom of article)

Steel Facts

It’s a little-known fact that the Steelers have only had one player in the history of the NFL Associated Press Most Valuable Player Award to be named league MVP. Terry Bradshaw won that honor in 1978. However, “Bullet” Bill Dudley was awarded MVP by taking home the Joe F. Carr Trophy in 1946.

Middle Name Madness - Broderick Bernard Jones

It takes a long time and major accomplishments at BTSC and Steel Curtain Network to get your middle name mention over and over again. Although, he hasn’t suited up in a regular season game, It will be no time until the Bernard will be mentioned alongside the Broderick for the rookie No. 1 pick from Georgia.

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This Week’s Birthdays of Steel

5/7 - Johnny Unitas (1933)

5/8 - Bill Cowher (1957), Felix Jones (1987)

5/9 - Tom Yewcic (1932)

5/10 - Drew Butler (1989), Derwin Gray (1995), Todd Kalis (1965), Miles Killebrew (1993), Randy Rasmussen (1945), Tegray Scales (1996)

5/11 - Steve Bono (1962), Justin King (1987), Mathias Nkwenti (1978)

5/12 - Tyson Alualu (1987), Shorty McWilliams (1926)

5/13 - Joe Glamp (1921)

Strange Sights for Steelers Nation Eyes - Alan Faneca

Not every NFL player retires with their original team, having played with no other franchise. We may try to forget the image of our Steel Heroes wearing another uniform, but it’s a part of fandom and legends sometimes change team colors. Steeler Nation was delighted to see their Hall of Fame guard, Alan Faneca, announce the picks of Joey Porter Jr. and Keannu Benton at the 2023 NFL Draft. The original Big Al, who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2021, played 13 NFL seasons in Pittsburgh from 1998 to 2007 before joining the New York Jets for two seasons and a final campaign with the Arizona Cardinals in 2010 before retiring. The six-time All-Pro may have worn green and red, but his stint at the podium in Kansas City last week proves that Faneca will always bleed black and gold.

Varsity Blues Black & Golds

Chris Boswell was considered the top long-distance field goal kickers in the NCAA after his senior season as a Rice Owl. Boswell was a three-year starter at Rice and second on the team’s all-time scoring list by two points. He went undrafted and signed with the Texans and spent time with the New York Giants before becoming one of the finest long-distance professionals in the NFL with the Steelers.

Associated Press

Steelers Jeopardy Answer in the Form of a Question: Who is Jerome Bettis

Even though Jerome Bettis identifies as a Steeler after ten remarkable seasons in Pittsburgh, The Bus is not home grown. Before the 1996 trade to Steeltown, the Hall of Fame RB was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams with the tenth overall selection in the first round of the 1993 NFL Draft.

So, there you have it. Anybody can spout out stat after stat, but not everybody can embrace the colorful and personal side of the Pittsburgh Steelers. So, the more you know, the more you can stupefy your friends, family and neighbors with your big, black-and-gold brain.

1993 NFL Draft Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

We’ll see you right here next week. Until then keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the hypocycloids.