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5 things I will continue to get wrong throughout the Steelers offseason

Can you honestly expect everyone to keep it all straight?

NFL Combine Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

I am completely immersed in the Pittsburgh Steelers. Whether it be my multiple articles written each day or the fact that I do at least four Steelers podcast every week through the offseason which almost doubles during the season, the things going on with the Black & Gold are a part of my every-day life. There is no off switch when it comes to me being in tune with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Even with all that, there are certain things when it comes to this team that I’m going to continue to screw up between now and training camp and very likely beyond. In an attempt to stay ahead of the curve, here are five things that I openly admit I am going to continually get wrong throughout this offseason with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Which Herbig is which?

This one is obvious and I know I’m not alone. I will continually switch Nate and Nick throughout my writing and podcasting over the next several months. I’m just saying it how it is. If you read the name of one of them in an article, please look at it to where it could really be either person. Fortunately Bryan Anthony Davis already has about a 15 mess up head start on me.

While some might want to blame their parents for making things so confusing, I can’t do that. I did the same thing. My two sons both have names that start with the letter ‘G’. And even though their names do not even have the same number of syllables as each other, something that can’t be said for the Herbig boys, I still constantly say the wrong names for them all the time. So of course I’m going to do it with someone else’s children as well since they are both members of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The round certain players were drafted

With the Pittsburgh Steelers having two draft picks in the second round of the 2023 NFL draft, I’ve already got my rounds all jumbled up. Because my brain works in a way in which I look which selection the player was taken, I’ve already messed up multiple times by having Keeanu Benton drafted in the third round and Darnell Washington taken in the fourth round. I admit I haven’t had as much trouble with Nate Herbig (okay, that time I did it on purpose) being taken in the fourth round which I assume is because he was drafted on a different day. But for Benton and Washington I will constantly get that wrong moving forward.

What makes it worse is I was already screwing this up before the Steelers even drafted any players. When listing out the Steelers draft picks in an article after the compensatory selections were awarded, I skipped right over the Steelers third-round draft pick and went to the forth round as the fourth one listed because my brain had it messed up. The fact that there are now names to these picks really doesn’t help.

Keanu Reeves does not play for the Steelers

It was bad enough when the Steelers signed Keanu Neal earlier this offseason, but now adding Keeanu Benton into the mix is not going to help the way my brain will jump into saying the name. Yes, they are not the same spelling for their first name but that really doesn’t matter. I am sure “Johnny Utah” will show up on the Steelers roster in either written word or spoken word sometime in the next several months.

Cory Trice

I just can’t get this name right. I don’t know if my dyslexia is getting the best of me with such a short name, but the Steelers for seventh round draft pick has already been called Trey Case and Tori Chrise (shout out to Kyle) on my podcast. Even when I thought I was getting it right, I was still calling him Cory Trace. I’m hoping he makes enough of an impression in training camp that I’ll never mess up his name again.

The positions of some of the UDFAs

This shouldn’t be so bad this season. With the Steelers currently having only seven undrafted free agents, as well as a few of them playing unique positions, I have a chance this year. But if it has been like past seasons, I can’t remember which player’s name goes in which position group from the cluster of players that were added following the draft. I’m hoping that with one being a kicker, one a fullback, one a center, and another a quarterback that I can remember those. I might not even get the other players correct which side of the ball they play. But there is hope as my series outlining the UDFA’s is just around the corner as it usually helps some.

So there are five things that I’ve already messed up or no will be coming soon but it comes to covering the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fair warning, I already know it’s going to happen so when it does I will simply own it. Notice I didn’t say anything about Martvis Bryant (not MAR-TAV-I-OUS) as I leave that one for Shannon White and Kyle Chrise.

How about you? Are there any things that you foresee struggling to keep straight in your head when it comes to your beloved Steelers? Make sure you share them in the comments below.