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What was the biggest surprise of the Steelers 2023 offseason so far?

There have been a number of surprises this offseason for Steelers fans, both pleasant and unpleasant.

NFL: APR 27 2023 Draft Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On the most recent episode of The Scho Bro Show podcast, Big Bro Scho and I each gave our top five biggest surprises of the Steelers 2023 offseason… so far. Because the offseason still goes on throughout the summer, there is an opportunity to be surprised yet again. With the Steelers adding starters to their roster following OTAs the last two seasons, there is always a possibility more moves could be made. But up until this point, what is the biggest surprise so far?

Coming up with our list independent of each other, here’s how it went for both Big Bro and myself. The surprises did not have to be for a positive action, but the majority of those selected were.

Big Bro Scho:

5. Trading for Allen Robinson
4. Not signing Terrell Edmunds
3. Signing Patrick Peterson
2. Signing Isaac Seumalo
1. Omar Kahn’s first free agency and draft


5. Trading up in Round 1 for only a 4th-round pick
4. Getting Darnell Washington in Round 3 after trading back
3. Signing Isaac Seumalo after they signed Nate Herbig
2. Signing Patrick Person hours after losing Cam Sutton
1. Getting Joey Porter Jr. at pick 32

While Big Bro basically summed up everything with his first overall choice, it’s hard to deny the overall impact of the Steelers new general manager Omar Khan and the moves he has been willing to make. For me, I decided to break the moves down intomore specific things and used three different instances from the draft that were very surprising. Both Big Bro and I had the signing of Isaac Seumalo and Patrick Peterson as either second or third and very close together.

As our discussions went on, there were even more surprising moves we brought up where we simply did not think of them when it came to making a list or finished outside of our top 5. Moves such as re-signing Mason Rudolph, totally revamping the inside linebacker position group, and the extension of Mitch Trubisky all were brought up. Because the Steelers have made so many surprising moves, there were simply too may to fit in the top 5.

So which move made by the Steelers this offseason have you found to be the most surprising? Did either of our lists get them fairly close? Make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments below.

To hear the complete discussion, check out The Scho Bro Show podcast below: