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Wishing all the Steelers dads out there a Happy Fathers day

Taking a moment to wish all the dads out there a very Happy Father’s day!!

Super Bowl XL - Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seattle Seahawks Photo by G. N. Lowrance/NFLPhotoLibrary

Today is a day which is mean to be celebrated. No, it isn’t just the final round of the U.S. Open golf tournament, but it is the reason why the U.S. Open golf tournament is always held this weekend.

It’s Father’s Day weekend.

On Sunday, we take a moment to celebrate all the dads out there. Especially those dads who helped us somehow become a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For me, that was certainly the case with the black-and-gold. Growing up in Wheeling, WV, you might have thought it was just a part of western Pennsylvania. From where I grew up I could get in a car and be in the state of Ohio in 5 minutes, and Pennsylvania in 10 minutes. Yet no one chose Ohio teams as their favorites. It was Pittsburgh black-and-gold through and through.

Growing up I remember my dad hosting football playoff parties, having his special playoff Terrible Towel out, and a string of obscenities being thrown at the television screen as if it were somehow helping the boys on the field make the necessary plays to claim victory.

To me it didn’t matter if they won or lost, I just loved the experience. If the Steelers won everyone was happy and jubilant. If they lost, there was plenty of silence and questions of what happened.

Either way, it was my dad who got me into the Steelers, and that has led me to this very website with this platform. For that, I’m forever grateful.

As a father myself, I often consider how we raise our five children. Despite living in Maryland, our kids love the Steelers. They know the players, their numbers and have genuinely taken an interest in learning the game. This past season was a lot of fun as my older children took a liking to specific players and were there on the couch cheering them on with me.

While I can think about how we are raising our children, and can still talk to and visit my dad, I realize many don’t have that opportunity anymore. I realize there are fans who have lost the man who brought them to the Steelers, and this is a day which must be difficult. Mourning is part of the grieving process, so by all means feel those difficult feelings. But when they pass, do something which brings you positive memories of that individual.

Maybe you remember watching Super Bowl 43 together and celebrating the team’s 6th Super Bowl trophy? Look up the game and re-live those moments. Go do something you always did together. Honor that person on this day.

I’d like to use this comment section below as an open thread of sorts for anyone who wants to tell their story and honor the man in their lives they call(ed) dad.

Have a great Father’s Day!!