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New-look Steelers offensive line is hungry for success in 2023

The Pittsburgh Steelers made some serious moves along their offensive line, and they are ready to put a finished product on the field.

NFL: NOV 13 Saints at Steelers Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers made a lot of moves this past offseason, and no offensive position was altered as much as the offensive line. Consider who has been added to the roster:

  • OG Nate Herbig
  • OG Isaac Seumalo
  • OT Broderick Jones
  • OT Le’Raven Clark

These players combine with the five returning offensive linemen from 2022 in hopes of forging a new identity. Some might think after the team’s second-half success in 2022 they would be content; however, center Mason Cole knows no one is satisfied with what was done last year.

“I don’t think anyone is satisfied,” said center Mason Cole. “We didn’t make the playoffs (last year), so there’s not much to be satisfied about. True, we ended the season well and the second half of the season we played great. But when you are staying home in January it’s not always the best feeling.

“There’s always hunger. There’s always going to be a hunger, especially in our room. We have a really good group of guys, really good additions. We will build with them.”

For Cole, who was the new guy last year after signing as a free agent, he is excited about the possibilities of the men up front after the additions which were made.

“It’s been really good,” said Cole. “Isaac has been great. He is going to be a really good leader for us. He has played a lot of football. He has been in a lot of big football games. Nate is the same way. And Le’Raven too. Everybody has been so good. We got some characters in there. It’s going to be a good season.”

Speaking more to Seumalo, Cole has already seen what he brings to the team, and the offensive line.

“He loves working,” said Cole. “He isn’t going to say a lot, but he is going to be ready to work. He has the ability to explain the times he played in big games. He has been there before. When guys have been there before, you can lean on those guys. They have seen what it takes. We’ll lean on Isaac for sure.”

As for Seumalo, possibly the biggest free agent pick up for the Steelers this offseason, he has been very pleased with what he’s seen since heading to the western part of Pennsylvania to be a part of the Steelers after playing with the Philadelphia Eagles.

“It’s been awesome,” Seumalo said of his experience so far with the Steelers. “The offensive line room is younger, but not necessarily inexperienced. A lot of guys have played a bunch of games. It’s been a good opportunity to help out where I can while also honing in on my craft while working against a good defensive line that we have. And Coach (Mike) Tomlin is everything and more. I’ve enjoyed it so far.”

When he compares the offensive line room he walked into in Philadelphia, there isn’t much comparison. But Seumalo will lean on that experience to help him with the young offensive linemen in the Steelers room.

“It was walking into a high stakes poker room in the o-line room,” Seumalo said. “It was a great thing. They were willing to help guys, too. They weren’t like, ‘Ah, we’re older.’ They were open and accepting. I’m thankful for mentors like that. Hopefully, I can be something like that as my career goes on.”

Ultimately, Seumalo just wants to win, and he sees the same demeanor about his teammates. It’s so far, so good for Seumalo when it comes to his new Steelers linemates.

“Those guys, there are a bunch of good players and we’ve got good depth,” he said. “It’s guys that want to win and be good. You see guys always doing work before and after practice. That’s what I like. I like guys that are excited to be here and want to get better and want to win games.”

Will this all pan out? Will the Steelers offensive line show they are more than prepared to carry this team to success in 2023? It all starts up front.

Be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for the rest of the 2023 NFL offseason.