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The More You Know: Random facts about your Pittsburgh Steelers, The Lake Effect edition

Time to learn more about your favorite NFL team, and some trivia as well!

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens Set Number: X161577 TK1

It’s the offseason for the Pittsburgh Steelers and there are so many topics to talk and write about. Free agents, the coordinator conundrum, the next quarterback, the NFL Draft, signings, retirements and breaking news will all be covered here at BTSC. But who’s going to give you little-known-facts out of the 500 Level?

Luckily, your one-stop, and non-stop, shop for everything Steelers employs a Steelers fan that was allegedly dropped on his head as a one-year-old during the Immaculate Reception. Useless and somewhat fascinating facts are his forte. So, here we are with off-the-wall thoughts from the dark side of a black-and-gold brain that nobody asked for. But the joke’s on you as you’ll be telling your peeps something you read here later.

BTSC Steelers Jeopardy

(Answer at bottom of article)

Middle Name Madness - Carnell Augustino Lake

Philadelphia Eagles v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

We love citing the second name of members of the Men of Steel here at Behind the Steel Curtain. We always cite Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger, Christopher Lynn Boswell and Trent Jordan Watt, but who else? Hence, the “More You Know Middle Name of the Week”. This week we honor a former Steelers player and coach with a really cool middle name.

This Week’s Birthdays of Steel

6/4 - Brian Hinkle - (1959), Jesse James - (1994)

6/5 - Fred Johnson (1997), Damontae Kazee (1993), Marion Motley (1920), Tuzar Skipper (1995)

6/6 - Steve Sader (1916)

6/7 - Terance Mathis (1967), Sean Spence (1990)

6/8 - Kelvin Beachum (1989), Ron Johnson (1956), Byron “Whizzer’ White (1917)

6/9 - John Brown (1939), Craig Colquitt (1954), Doug Legursky (1986)

6/10 - John Baker (1935). David Dunn (1972). Fred Foggie (1969),

Strange Sights for Steelers Nation Eyes - Carnell Lake

Not every NFL player retires with their original team, having played with no other franchise. We may try to forget the image of our Steel Heroes wearing another uniform, but it’s a part of fandom, and legends sometimes change team colors. Drafted in Round 2 and 34th overall in the 1989 as a linebacker out of UCLA, Carnell Lake switched to safety in the pros and his play earned him inclusion on the 1990’s All-Decade team. Lake, who stepped down in February 2018 as the Steelers defensive backfield coach, was a 5-time Pro Bowl selection and a 4-time All-Pro during his time with Pittsburgh. Carnell tallied 677 tackles, 25 sacks, 16 interceptions and 16 fumble recoveries during his 10-year career by the three rivers. No. 37’s ;s defining moment was switching to cornerback in 1995 after Rod Woodson’s season-ending injury in the opener and his performance that season proved to be a major factor in the team’s SB XXX entry. In 1999, Lake left Pittsburgh for two seasons with Jacksonville before spending a final NFL season in Baltimore. Currently, the member of the Steelers Hall of Honor is the defensice coordinator for the Memphis Showboats of the USFL.

Varsity Blues Black & Golds - Larry Ogunjobi

Larry Ogunjobi, who celebrated his 29th birthday on Saturday, was a celebrated player for UNC-Charlotte from 2013-2016. Considered a day 3 pick before the Senior Bowl and combine, Larry O was selected in the third round by the Cleveland Browns in 2016.

Hypocycloids Gone Hollywood

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s vehicle “Ballers”, about a former player transforming to sports management, ran from 2015-2019 on HBO. The show featured actual NFL teams and players including LaMarr Woodley and Antonio Brown repping the Men of Steel. Rashard Mendenhall, who retired early from the NFL, was originally a consultant and then a writer for the series.

Steelers Jeopardy Answer in the Form of a Question: Who is David Woodley?

Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

After being drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 1980 in Round 8, QB David Woodley started out as fourth string but was starting by season’s end and was named team MVP and the NFLPA Rookie of the Year. Woodley started for Don Schula’s AFC champions in the strike-shortened 1982 Super Bowl in Pasadena, a loss to Washington. After the ascension of Dan Marino, the Phins jettisoned Woodley to Pittsburgh for a third round pick in 1984. No. 19 split time with Mark Malone that season and the following one. After learning that Chuck Noll was starting Malone in 1986, Woodley announced his retirement despite being the Steelers highest paid player.

So, there you have it. Anybody can spout out stat after stat, but not everybody can embrace the colorful and personal side of the Pittsburgh Steelers. So, the more you know, the more you can stupefy your friends, family and neighbors with your big, black-and-gold brain.

We’ll see you right here next week. Until then keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the hypocycloids.