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The Pittsburgh Steelers avoid the dreaded ‘Madden Curse’ for another year

The Pittsburgh Steelers fan base heard rumors, but they turned out to be false.

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

Every year when the NFL season is approaching it means it’s also time for new versions of video games, mainly the Madden franchise, to put out a new edition. This means it’s time for the latest Madden cover to be released.

With the news of the madden cover coming to light, fans of all 32 NFL teams hold their collective breaths as they hope to avoid the dreaded “Madden Curse”. You know, the feeling that a player featured on the cover is destined to be injured during the season.

This past week rumors swirled about players who might find themselves on the cover, and T.J. Watt’s name was being floated around as a possibility. Of course, the Pittsburgh Steelers fan base couldn’t stand the thought of another player, especially one as important as Watt, potentially suffering any type of curse...even if it is more fiction than fact.

Well, rest easy Steelers fans, EA Sports released the Madden 24 cover, and it’s Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen who is gracing the cover of the video game this season.

This per Adam Schefter of ESPN:

Steelers players have been featured on the cover of the game before. The iconic dual cover of Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu was the first time a Steelers player was on the cover, and Antonio Brown graced the cover during his time in Pittsburgh.

Will the former Defensive Player of the Year get his shot on the cover soon? That’s anyone’s guess, but for this year Steelers fans don’t have to be concerned with Watt being cursed in any way.

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