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George Pickens’ main goal in 2023 is to improve in yards after the catch

The Pittsburgh Steelers are hoping George Pickens steps up his game in 2023, but there is one area Pickens is hoping to improve upon this year.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers are extremely excited for the upcoming season, especially for the dynamic 2022 rookie class. While most of the attention is on Kenny Pickett to deliver in 20223, George Pickens is someone many fans have extremely high hopes for this upcoming regular season.

For all the great things Pickens did last season, especially some miraculous catches, the former Georgia receiver sees one area he really wants to improve upon.

Yards After the Catch (YAC)

“That is one of the things I am trying to work on, get the yards after catch,” said Pickens. “It’s the beginning of the route angle. If you mess up the defensive back super bad it’s going to give you more advantage for yards after catch. If you have him on you, you can break a tackle, but it’s a little harder. Your best advantage to really get that going is have a great release point.”

Not incredibly lofty goals, and something the offense could benefit from not just with Pickens, but across the board. As for the team goals, Pickens can see an early change in the team this year compared to his rookie season.

“It’s super early, but just the vibe of the people,” said Pickens. “I said that before we even started practicing, just the vibe of the people. It’s super, super cool. Super, super ready to go. And super, super energized. Guys last year, we had energy, but this year is a lot of on field energy and communication too.

“I am just enjoying the energy. I like to watch guys go crazy. I like to watch guys make plays, so it’s real fun for me.”

If the Steelers want to have “super” goals in 2023, it will be benefited by the improvement of a player like Pickens and his overall ability to improve to the point where he isn’t deemed a “one trick pony”, but a chess piece which can be used to put the opponent in “check mate”.

For Pickens it has been so far so good, but the big goal of continual improvement awaits.

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