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What is the best bet for where the Steelers will finish in the AFC North?

Checking in on the odds for the Steelers finishing in each position in the division.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

A lot has been made about the Steelers having the best odds to come in last in AFC North for the 2023 season. Realizing the Steelers haven’t finished in last place in the division since the AFC North began in 2002, it would be quite the event and not something on which many would choose to place a wager. But the same time, is it a wise wager to assume the Steelers will win the AFC North?

Thanks to online betting avenues such as DraftKings, it doesn’t have to be just first place or last place when it comes to placing a wager. In fact, if someone lives in an area where online sports betting is legal, a wager can be made for the Steelers to finish in any one of the four positions in the AFC North.

So what are the odds for placing a bet for the Steelers to finish in each spot of the AFC North? Here are the latest odds according to DraftKings:

4th: +175
3rd: +240
2nd: +300
1st: +450

For those who aren’t exactly sure how the odds work, the number given would be how much you would earn win back if $100 was wagered since all of these odds are positive. For example, if someone placed a $100 bet on the Steelers to come in second place in the AFC North and they do so at the end of the season, they would receive $400 as the payout ($300 in winnings plus their original $100 investment). Even odds where the payout is equal to the investment is at +100, so everything higher than this means a higher return than what was wagered.

Keeping these odds in mind, what’s the best bet for the place the Steelers finish in the AFC North? Although the payout is great for first place, the Steelers have the longest odds of any team at this time. A wager for finishing either second or third is still a handsome payout.

When it comes to picking where the Steelers will finish in the AFC North, the payout is a little stronger because to win it must be precise. When picking the over/under for Steelers wins for the regular season, the Steelers could go well over or well under. A wager on exactly how many games the Steelers would win would have a much bigger payout because it has to hit exactly and is not an overly popular bet.

Taking the money aspect out of it, where would you choose the Steelers to finish in the AFC North in 2023? Is now the time to act based on the current odds? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.