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The passing of the BTSC torch from one editor to the next

Welcome the new leader of the BTSC faithful...

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

For me, BTSC has been home for a very long time. It feels weird to be moving to a new venue, but such is life. When you move away from your childhood home, or you spend a lot of time improving a house before moving, it can be a roller coaster of emotions.

I appreciate everyone who has reached out and said, “Thank you” for the work we have done here at BTSC during my time steering this crazy ship year after year.

I honestly had no idea who SB Nation/VOX Media were going to select as the next leader here at BTSC. They asked for some suggestions, which I gave, and the last I heard was they were weighing their options.

Well, after careful consideration, the powers that be have decided on their new leader.

As one editor leaves, he passes the baton to the next, and her name is Kate Magdziuk.

Below you’ll see Kate’s welcome message, and a little about her. I hope the community is as welcoming to her as they were to me back in 2015. Well, I hope they are nicer, I’ll just leave it at that...but, anyways, let me welcome Kate to the BTSC community, as I’m sure you will do the same in the comment section below!

Hi Behind The Steel Curtain community! I know this is undoubtedly a bittersweet day for you, as Jeff and his team close their chapter with BTSC and I begin the next. I’m incredibly honored to join the community!

My journey as a Steelers fan started just 86 miles from Acrisure Stadium, in my hometown of Youngstown, OH — an important pit stop on any journey through the rust belt. Luckily, in a town that’s halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, my single mom chose correctly, raising me a Steelers fan.

I began my professional career as an RN after graduating nursing school, specializing in pediatric intensive care and eventually pediatric transplant. I couldn’t stay away from football though, and after my mom passed away suddenly, I decided it was now or never; I wanted to talk about football, write about football, podcast about football… anything. Thankfully, I received my first full time opportunity with Vox Media working as an editorial coordinator for DraftKings Nation. Since then, I’ve had a plethora of writing opportunities covering (mostly) the NFL, for the aforementioned DraftKings Network, 4For4 Football, Gaming Society, and Pro Football Focus, among others.

I love sports. I love finding ways to help you connect with your favorite team because a fan’s relationship with his or her favorite team is unlike anything else in this world. So, I’m excited to start this next chapter and explore our Steelers fandom together.

Here’s some things to know about me:

  • Favorite sports team: The Pittsburgh Steelers (man, how convenient!)
  • My first Steelers game: October 1, 2015 vs. the Baltimore Ravens. We lost 23-20 on a 52-yard field goal from Justin Tucker in overtime.
  • My first Steelers jersey: Antonio Brown.
  • Favorite Steelers moment: The Immaculate Extension (hey, I’m new-age!)

I can’t wait to get to know you all. Here’s to a Super Bowl LVIII victory and a shiny Lombardi with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ name on it!