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Over the Hump: 5 Steelers questions to get you past Wednesday (July 19)

Pass the time with us. Let’s chat Steelers.

A general view of Acrisure Stadium during the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns on January 8, 2022 at Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

For those who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting just yet, hi! I’m Kate, and I’m the new site manager for Behind The Steel Curtain. You may have noticed a decrease in content volume, but as we onboard staff, we’ll be looking to create a new normal here at BTSC.

I want to thank you for your warm welcome, especially, as I know you’re a feisty group — a compliment in the highest regard — but you have yet to make me feel out of place. I’m super excited to see not just how well the Steelers do this season, but how this community will continue to evolve in its new era.

That’s enough of the mushy stuff. One thing I’m particularly enjoying this week is getting to know this group with daily threads. So, I figured I’d put together a daily thread! After all, we can all use a little distraction in our quest to reach the weekend, right?

5 Steelers questions to get you over the hump

  1. What was your first Steelers jersey? Do you still have it, and does it still fit?
  2. For those of you who have been to Heinz Field — erm, I mean Acrisure Stadium — what is your favorite food or drink item of choice? Bonus points if you identify the level and section where we can find it!
  3. If you could add any food vendor or individual food item at Acrisure Stadium, what would it be? The item cannot cost more than $20 for a serving.
  4. (This isn’t a question, but I’m just realizing that I may be hungry based on my previous two questions.)
  5. Congratulations! You’ve been granted a superpower — the ability to ensure the Pittsburgh Steelers finish as the league’s No. 1 overall offense or No. 1 overall defense in the 2023 NFL season. Your answer does not impact the team’s record or their chances to make the playoffs. Which do you choose? You cannot pick both (I’m sorry).
  6. Animal lovers — what position in football would your animal play? What round should the Steelers draft them in?

Drop your answers in the comments, and let’s get to know one another!