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Josh Harris purchases Commanders; What happens to his Steelers ownership?

Washington Commanders owner Josh Harris currently has a five percent stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a new NFL owner in the league, and his name is Josh Harris.

Harris, 58, had his $6.05 billion transaction to purchase the Washington Commanders approved unanimously by the other 31 owners in Thursday’s league meetings in Minneapolis.

But this wasn’t the first attempt Harris made at buying an NFL franchise. Harris has owned a five percent stake in the Steelers since 2020.

“I met Josh several years ago, prior to his acquisition of an interest in the Steelers and have been fortunate to get to know him better over the past few months,” Goodell said. “I know he has a commitment to winning on the field, but also to running an organization that everyone will be proud of — and to making positive contributions in the community.”

Harris has his hand in a couple of sports franchise’s cookie jars. On top of the Steelers and Commanders, Harris is a managing partner for the NHL’s New Jersey Devils and the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers.

It remains to be seen whether Harris will keep his stake in the Steelers franchise after purchasing the Commanders. In 2018, David Tepper was forced to sell his shares in the Steelers after purchasing the Carolina Panthers. It’s very possible that Harris will do the same now that he’s just made the richest transaction in pro sports history.