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If Khan & Company are done making moves until training camp, it’s okay

The Steelers have made a lot of moves for 2023, so if there is a break in the action things will be alright.

NFL Combine Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Steelers fans can be so spoiled. A lot of times the greatness of the franchise sets high expectations to constantly produce quality teams. But in this case, Steelers’ Nation got spoiled with a general manager and his team who were very active this offseason.

It’s too early to tell how great of an offseason the Steelers had because none of their new pieces have taken the field for game action. But the Steelers‘s willingness to go out and add pieces such as the potential future Hall of Famer Patrick Peterson as well as adding two guards, two inside linebackers, and a number of other positions, seeing the Steelers be a team involved in this many of these types of transactions is not what many have expected over the years. Add in an NFL draft where almost every player the team selected was one many Steelers fans were hoping they could acquire at some point and getting several of them much later than where they thought they could go, it’s been an exciting offseason.

Then following the draft, Omar Khan and the rest of the staff were still not finished. They added a necessary component at outside linebacker in Markus Golden and added another name to the inside linebacker room. It seems like the action is never going to stop.

But if it did stop, it has still been a great offseason.

Because of activity Steelers fans have seen in 2023, many are expecting another card up the sleeve of Omat Khan. Whether it’s a player from the USFL, another free agent that’s on the market, or something Steelers fans didn’t even see coming, it’s almost as if another move is expected. And while these things would be welcomed, they aren’t necessary in order to cap off a quality offseason.

One thing that’s great about this front office is they don’t seem to be complacent. They seem to live by the idea to non’t be satisfied with what you’ve got when there’s an opportunity to get better. If there’s a chance for the Steelers to improve their roster between now and July 26 when they report to Latrobe, I’m sure Omar Khan will work to make it happen. But even if it doesn’t happen, he’s done a great job.

As I was studying more ahead of publishing my first novel, one suggestion I was told was to stop reading it. Don’t over-edit. Every time you read your book you will want to fix something else. It will never be perfect, and at some point you just need to let it go with what it is.

I bring this up because this very well could be the case with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yes, they can continue to strengthen certain areas of the roster where there might be question marks. But what if the question marks are not be as big as some fear? In fact, maybe they’re not question marks at all. Maybe training camp will reveal some of these things. Perhaps where the Steelers end up having a weakness is not somewhere they expect.

The moral of the story is the Steelers don’t have to add any more players ahead of training camp in order to be ready to compete for the 2023 season. They have already done a lot. If no other moves come through at this time and the team goes to training camp with the same 90-man roster they had on July 1, they are still going to be in good shape. It’s time to see what kind of team the front office has assembled.