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How often would you attend Steelers training camp if you lived in Pittsburgh?

I go to Steelers training camp once every few years, and I live in Pittsburgh. Many fans live outside of Pittsburgh, yet, make it a point to travel to the area on a regular basis just to attend training camp. Are you one of those people?

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

My friend, Terry, and I will take in a practice session at Steelers training camp at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pa. on August {redacted}.

He’s going to drive, and I’ll pay for the tolls. It should be a fun day to take in the sights, watch some Steelers football (practice) and mostly chat about life and stuff (this is what I’m looking forward to the most).

We were supposed to go last summer, we actually tried on multiple occasions, but each time we did, the Steelers either canceled that day’s practice or moved it up to 10 a.m. because of the “threat” of “inclement” weather. Had my friend and I attended training camp in 2022, we likely wouldn’t be going this year—or at least I wouldn’t be going.

I last attended a Steelers training camp session in 2021 when the team held it at Heinz Field because of the COVID pandemic. It was my first time at Steelers training camp since I visited Latrobe with my brother and niece back in 2018.

I obviously didn’t go in 2019, while the pandemic prevented everyone from attending training camp at Heinz Field in 2020. I doubt I would have gone either time, though. The way I figure it, if you’ve seen one Steelers training camp session, you’ve seen them all. And when I say that, I’m talking about a training camp practice in any decade, dating back to the mid-1960s, when the Steelers first began using Saint Vincent College as the site.

Of course, the style of training camp has changed over the years—the modern version has zero Oklahoma Drills but tons of 7 Shots—but those hills that make up the beautiful backdrop of Saint Vincent? They haven’t changed one bit since LBJ was president (and probably Washington). Neither has that painful hillside that I usually must sit on because the bleachers at Chuck Noll Field are almost always filled to capacity. And, while we’re still talking about familiarity, I believe head coach Mike Tomlin has worn the same black sweatsuit every summer since 2007.

For my money—the amount that I pay for the tolls—going to Steelers training camp once every few years is sufficient.

But, then again, I live in Pittsburgh, and I’ve always just taken for granted that I can jump in my car and be there in about an hour or so (it’s not even a hop, skip and a jump for people who live in Pittsburgh). From what I’ve gathered over the years while interacting with many Steelers fans who don’t actually live in Western Pennsylvania, this region—including Saint Vincent College and Acrisure Stadium—is sacred ground.


Anyway, if you did actually live in the area, would you attend Steelers training camp on a yearly basis?

If you do live in Western Pennsylvania, do you make it a point to drag yourself—and even your entire family—to Saint Vincent College each and every summer?

If so, what’s your motivation? Is it tradition? Habit? Obsession? Autographs? Your children?

Heck, for that matter, are you someone who lives out of town but still makes it a point to attend Steelers training camp every summer?

Do you plan your entire vacation around it? Does it cost a ton of money? Do you stay at a friend’s house? Do you rent a hotel room?

Lastly, maybe Terry and I will see you there on August {redacted}.