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Steelers are the last team to report to training camp in 2023

The Pittsburgh Steelers July 26 report date is the latest among their NFL brethren.

NFL: AUG 03 Steelers Training Camp Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

All 32 NFL teams are preparing for the 2023 regular season, and nothing happens, not even preseason, before training camp begins. For the vast majority of teams, their training camp dates can vary.

For teams who play early, as in the annual Hall of Fame preseason game, you will report to camp earlier than those who have a standard 3-game preseason. Otherwise, teams have the flexibility to have their camp dates be whenever they see fit.

Who is reporting to camp the earliest? Try the two teams who are playing in the aforementioned Hall of Fame game, the Jets and Browns. Followed by the Browns would be the reigning Super Bowl champion Chiefs.

The vast majority of teams report to training camp on 7/25, with only one team reporting later. That would be the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers report to Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA on 7/26, the latest date of all 32 NFL teams.

Not only do the Steelers report at least a day later than everyone else, they also don’t require their rookies to show up any sooner than the veterans. Same report day for the entire 90-man offseason roster.

What would be the reason behind the Steelers reporting later than everyone else? It might be something with Saint Vincent which doesn’t allow the Steelers to move in a day earlier than they wanted. The Steelers also could have had the 26th as the day they wanted to report all along.

Will this mean anything? Absolutely not. However, it is worth noting, at least to me it is.