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Podcasts: All the latest from the SCN family of Pittsburgh Steelers podcasts shows, Sunday edition

Get the latest Steel Curtain Network podcast content in the ‘Podcast Roundup’.

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We here at BTSC, and our podcast platform Steel Curtain Network, are here with you every step of the way as the Steelers set the stage for 2023. With so much going on, make sure you check out our ‘Podcast Roundup’ article to keep up with the latest podcasts that cover everything Steelers for your black-and-gold knowledge, curiosity and enjoyment.

With that being said and typed, have fun with the shows below with a brief description of each podcast.

The Homies: “What’s Your Opinion Homie?”

Join us for the latest episode of the “Homies Podcast”. SCN’s Shannon White joins the fellas as they rank the offensive players in the AFC North Division from 1-4 and then try to place the players where they might rank in an overall NFL ranking. We are only picking the teams best overall offensive lineman. Should be a fun time hanging with the Homies.

Checkout a rundown of the show:

  • The most offensive lines in the league
  • Special Guest: Shannon White

Listen to the show on the player below:

State of the Steelers: Does the success of the 2023 Steelers falls on the success of Kenny Pickett?

Kenny Pickett is entering his second year and all the pieces have been place around him. The success falls on Kenny. That’s the latest topic of discussion from Daniel Jay on the State of the Steelers. Join Daniel for the latest new offering from the Steel Curtain Network family of podcasts in addressing the State of the Steelers.

Checkout a rundown of the show:

  • Steelers News and Notes
  • How important is the progress of Pickett?
  • and MUCH MORE!

Listen to the show on the player below:

The Steelers Week That Was: Big Birthday edition

Take a look back at the week that was in Steel City Football with a recap of the happenings of another busy week with Steel Curtain Network’s Dave Schofield and Bryan Anthony Davis.

Listen to the show on the player below:

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