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Will either Diontae Johnson or George Pickens have more receiving yards in 2023?

If you think either of the receivers will match receiving yards from last season, bet the over.

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As NFL teams prepare to head to training camp in a matter of weeks, excitement for the 2023 NFL season is growing. As expected, opportunities to place a bet on various things for the upcoming season are continuing to expand as the return of football draws near. Sometimes placing a wager early before other things can factor into the equation can make for a better payout or be an easier milestone to reach.

When it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers receivers and their expected production for 2023, the numbers actually are taking a slight step back from what they did in 2022. According to, both George Pickens and Diontae Johnson have their over/under set below their 2022 total. While these two players are expected to be the Steelers top receivers this season, exactly which one will be first is up for debate. But according to DraftKings, neither one will surpass their totals from last season.

Going into his second season, George Pickens is not necessarily expected to reach 800 yards receiving like he did in his rookie season. Despite having 801 receiving yards in 2022, the over/under for Pickens is 750.5 yards. When it comes to either betting the over or the under, the payout is the same either way at -110.

As for Diontae Johnson, he had 882 receiving yards last season which was a step down from his 1,161 receiving yards in 2021 with Ben Roethlisberger at quarterback. But based on the odds, Johnson is expected to come up even shorter in 2023 as his over/under is set at 825.5 yards. Additionally, the payout for the over for receiving yards for Johnson is better and -105 versus the under which is -120, signifying there being more action on the under.

When it comes to touchdowns, George Pickens is projected right around what he had during his rookie season. Pulling in four touchdowns last year, Pickens current over/under is set at 4.5 touchdowns with a payout at -110 for either option. As for Diontae Johnson, not having any touchdowns last year must have been a factor as DraftKings does not even have an over/under for touchdowns for Johnson at this time.

Although the wagers are specifically for these players, the large factor of the equation is the quarterback throwing them to football. While some are still uncertain about Kenny Pickett going into his second season, if Steelers fans believe Pickett can deliver in 2023 and that Johnson and Pickens can at least match their totals from last season, these should be fairly easy bets to make at this point of the offseason.

So what do you think of these lines? Would you bet the over or the under on the receiving yards for Diontae Johnson or George Pickens? Make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments below.