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Saturday Night/Late Games Open Thread

Final 2023 Preseason Addition.

Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers
T2 doing T2 things
Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

FYI, 2-2 after leading until the last 10 minutes, plus they scored their final goal after time expired. The referee didn’t stop the game on a corner kick. Our fault for not putting the ball out the side, or to one of our forwards to clear into their side of the field. They were a good team, and we are a composite team without an actual goalie last night. Bit of a gut punch though.

  1. It looks like the top two Redman candidates Spencer Mr. Versatility Anderson and Trenton T2 Thompson are going to make the team. Is there another player that you think needs some consideration?
  2. With summer winding down, my projects list has dwindled to one major one. Our front fence isn’t going to last another winter. Fences are good fall projects, though I’ve never replaced one. How is your project list looking and do you think it’s going to be completed prior to weather stopping you?
  3. How confident are you that the Steelers will have a successful season?