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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday mailbag: Training camp Q&A

We answer your Steelers questions as we power through training camp and towards preseason play

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Q: Will the Steelers let Kenny Pickett audible?- Jerome Warren Jr

I would say there is zero doubt Pickett will have more of a say in the offense, as well as be allowed to adjust to what he sees. Especially with a full offseason of knowing he’s the guy and the coaches knowing there isn’t any sort of quarterback controversy. He isn’t going to be Peyton Manning at the line of scrimmage, but he’ll be able to adjust to what the defense shows should he feel it necessary.

Q: Why are the Steelers hanging on to Mason Rudolph?- Mike Murphy Jr

Well, there are multiple reasons. One, he knows the offense and is as good of a third-string quarterback as you’ll find in the NFL. Two, the entire league saw what happened to the 49ers. Each team is going to make sure they have as many steady hands at quarterback as possible to avoid throwing their running back under center or having to bring a guy off the street and cross their fingers. Rudolph is polarizing to Steelers fans, but you aren’t going to find many better guys at QB3 on a depth chart.

Q: Why don’t the Steelers sign an additional proven running back?- Dennis Nevinsky

Guys like Leonard Fournette and Ezekiel Elliot wouldn’t have a place on the roster. Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren are the No. 1 and No. 2 backs, respectively. The Steelers have zero reason to pursue Fournette, Elliot, Dalvin Cook, or any of these bigger-name running backs. Why would they pay a guy north of $8 million to not see the field? Plus, with Anthony McFarland’s performance in camp, he is likely the No. 3 guy on the depth chart. Their running back room is fine.

Q: Who are the four core special teams players?- Kyle Chrise

My best guess would be Miles Killebrew, Miles Boykin, Connor Heyward, Tre Norwood. I think Calvin Austin III could end up being the punt/kick returner. Hakeem Butler could definitely be a special teams ace in his own right, as well.

Q: Will Joey Porter Jr start Week 1?- Seth Downs

Joey Porter Jr is going to be an impact player sooner than later, but the Steelers have no need to rush the process. Levi Wallace and Patrick Peterson are reliable veterans who are more than capable of being the starters while Porter finely tuned. Is it possible he starts before the end of the season? Certainly. Week 1? I’d say no.

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