Steelers OC Position

Yes I am again doing this fans post cause none of you have listened. At this point I'm sounding like a broken record but guess what people it's not my fault, no the blame squarely falls on you the fans. I ask at what point do fans just shut up and watch the game? Arians, Haley Fichtner and Canada have all gotten the same grief from fans I always wondered why and tbh I know what the answer is: Steeler Fans want the job themselves or they want a Madden style Offense. I don't want to hear responses saying "No we just want a competent offense" or "Give us an OC that can call plays" cause all 4 have done those things and yes I included Canada because has done those things cause I've seen it.

I'm asking the fans are you ever going to give the OC bashing a rest or do you just enjoy screaming till your blue in the face about the OC? I get sick and tired of it from fans every single week, the media I could care less about cause half the time they have the heads up there a** and the other 50% is spent kissing it. Fans can get mad about how the game went, why certain penalties were called and all that stuff because that's normal. What's not normal is this fanbase always giving the OC a hard time and it's not just when the team loses, it also occurs even when they win and I am sick of it I really am.

If you fans: The constant complainers, the folks who rag on the OC no matter the outcome fell your so much smarter than Canada why don't you type up an application for Steelers OC and actually tell Tomlin, Pickett and Ownership why you can make the offense better than the last guy? I know full well that none of you will do that and I would list the reasons why none of you will do that but it would be an even bigger waste of time than it is for me to punch up this post again.

By all means respond by telling me to calm down, to relax to not come to this site anymore and etc but until I see fans truly admit that they want the OC job themselves or they want the Steelers to run a Madden Style Offense I will continue to do this kind of post.

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