Things I think I think

Things I think I think.

  1. I’ve seen better offensive play calling at the elementary level. Jet sweep on 3rd and 3 after finally getting some good runs in seems so dumb especially given that running outside hadn’t worked all night.
  2. What is the record for most screen pass calls on third and long because if feels like we are setting that record?
  3. Kenny needs to get better. He seems the opposite of what he was in preseason. He went from confident to unsure of himself in a matter of moments.
  4. The offensive line needs to improve some but I cannot fault them too much when a defense stacks 10 in the box. Maybe if we called plays down the middle more instead of attacking the edges of a defense?
  5. Watt and Highsmith’s backs must be sore today. They carried an entire NFL team last night.
  6. Nice to see George get more involved in the offense.
  7. Najee doesn’t have much room to run but he’s got to be more decisive. Standing around gets you lost yards or no gains. Could get two if he would just fall forward.
  8. I can’t help but notice that our defense has scored two touchdowns. When Kenny has called the offense we scored one touchdown. When Canada calls the offense we have scored one touchdown and two field goals. One of those field goals should not be in Canada’s camp though because great defense and special teams got us into that field goal. What does that say about Canada?
  9. Is Porter about ready to step into a starter roll? He can’t be much worse than Peterson and Wallace have been so far this year.
  10. Same can be said about Jones. Chuck didn’t look all that special last night. Making two weeks in a row. Did we blow this draft so bad that a first rounder can’t find snaps on a subpar offensive line?
  11. Is King about up to speed? Not a huge fan of our nickel corners so far.
  12. My winner list consists of the following players: Watt, Larry O, Highsmith, Fitzpatrick, Pickens, Warren and Harvin.
  13. Honorable mention goes out to: Holcomb, Porter, Kwon.

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