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Steelers Friday mailbag: Week 3 edition

We answer your questions ahead of Week 3 Sunday around the NFL.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt (90) celebrates after scoring a touchdown in the fourth quarter against the Cleveland Browns at Acrisure Stadium. The score put the Steelers ahead as they won 26-22. Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Q: Where does Matt Canada’s eventual replacement come from: internal or outside?- SteelerSince73!

Knowing the Steelers, quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan would just get promoted. If they fire Canada in-season, Sullivan would have the rest of the year as a tryout, basically. If they were to look outside their own walls, which they should do, these are a few names that would come to mind:

  • Lions QB coach Mark Brunell: Helped Ben Johnson and the Lions’ offense become one of the most efficient in football, and Pickett and Jared Goff have a lot of similar traits.
  • Bills QB coach Joe Brady: He was the scapegoat under Matt Rhule when he was the head coach in Carolina, but did magical things in LSU with Joe Burrow. The guy has a great offensive mind.
  • Panthers senior assistant Jim Caldwell: He has had success everywhere he has gone, whether it be as a head coach or offensive assistant. He deserves a more prominent role somewhere.

When will Broderick Jones get his shot? When Will Darnell Washington get a target in the passing game? Is it time for Joey Porter Jr. to take over for Levi Wallace? Does Desmond King enter the lineup this week? Why is Montravius Adams starting at NT?- SteelCurtin570

I will answer these in order:

  1. I’d say sooner than later. Dan Moore has not been good. Before the bye week definitely if I’m betting on it.
  2. Washington was never going to be utilized as a guy who gets lots of targets, especially early on. Eventually, he’ll get more integrated as a pass catcher, especially in the red zone, but his role is more of a blocker right now. I would like to see him line up in the slot, though, and just run down the seam.
  3. Yes. Levi Wallace had a terrible outing against the Browns, and Porter has looked good in the limited snaps he’s gotten. I wonder if the Cowboys would call the Steelers about Wallace with Trevon Diggs gone for the year. He’s in the last year of his deal, and that would give the Steelers even more reason to transition to Porter.
  4. We can only hope.
  5. God only knows. Hopefully we see more Keeanu Benton going forward.

Q: Do you believe Gunner Olszewski was concussed on the fumble?- StillGrill

Yes, he was diagnosed with a concussion.

Q: Are the 49ers and Browns the two best defenses the Steelers will face all year? And if they are, isn’t it reasonable to suggest the offense will get better?- Dwoods2u

The Bengals have a good defense and they still have both matchups with them. Baltimore is Baltimore, we know what they are and how those games go. The Titans have a very good front seven and are great at stopping the run. The Packers are very good defensively, and the Patriots won’t be a walk in the park. I hate this whole trope of “Well the defense they played was good which is why they played poorly.” That’s not an excuse for looking as dreadful as they have. All of this hype we heard of “Oh man, Kenny is going to take a leap” and “Wow, all of this offensive talent will be hard to contain.” Can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Either they are good or they aren’t. Right now, they aren’t.