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‘Fat, Sassy, & Spoiled’ is no way to go through life

Coach Tomlin got it wrong.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

For the first time, I’ll admit that Mike Tomlin didn’t get it right. Steelers fans, particularly online, aren’t fat, sassy, and spoiled. They’re also toxic, entitled, forgetful, and pretentious.

One word that will never describe Steelers Nation is “happy.” That’s why we’re one of the least positive fan bases online.

Boo City, PA. It doesn’t just apply to Pitt. Steelers fans are so quick to judge. It’s ironic to me, because it’s so contrary to the philosophies of The Chief and later Dan Rooney. They showed compassion, empathy and respect to everyone, no matter what their role in the organization.

As fans, do we carry on tradition and teach those same lessons? No. We spit in the face of their examples.

Let’s be clear. Yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers are wearing some stench right now. It’s so obvious. It doesn’t take All-22 film to see it. It doesn’t take advanced analytics to understand it. It’s obvious. But dwelling on it play after play, game after game, season after season, only makes you a master of the obvious (M.O.O.), and there are so many M.O.O.s in Steelers Nation. I’m not even just talking about the Matt Canada era. The M.O.O.s were there for Randy Fichtner, Keith Butler, and Todd Haley before that. There are probably even some 1999 vintage Bill Cowher haters reading this too.

But Kyle, are you saying I’m not entitled to my opinion?

No, enjoy your obvious opinions, although I’d argue that, “Green is my favorite color,” is an opinion. “Fire such and such,” is, at best, an uneducated opinion.

Do your takes and opinions have any insight? There’s so little insight in Steelers discourse, and plenty of snark for snark’s sake.

Canada bad…Kenny bad…Tomlin bad... It so often sounds like Frankenstein’s monster as a sports analyst. I can find the same quality content in my yard from the neighbor’s dog.

I believe that you are the person that you tweet (or comment) as. If you’re a critical, know-nothing reactionary in the replies, you’re probably like that IRL. I can’t criticize anyone who makes the Steelers their entire personality. I’m probably one of them. But we’ve allowed the economy of retweets and likes to polarize and emphasize our worst emotions.

What frustrates me most is that the loudest among us have forgotten even the most recent lessons of Steelers history. I don’t expect everyone to remember the 1989 season, which started much worse than this year, and ended in storybook fashion. But just two seasons ago, Pittsburgh showcased some of their worst statistical performances, and still fought their way into the playoffs. These against-the-odds journeys actually define Steelers football, like in ‘89 or 2005 or even 2021.

So if AR2 and Coach Tomlin are sticking by Matt Canada, then so am I. Because I want everyone on the team to succeed. You know who’s not blaming Canada? The players who actually know the game. Kendrick Green, Mason Cole, Cam Heyward, Ike Taylor, and Jalen Warren are just some of the people defending his efforts.

Ray Davies of The Kinks says in the song Strangers: “Strangers on this road we are on. We are not two, we are one.” We’re so quick to point fingers, but when you’re part of a team, and this includes fans, everyone wants the same goal. Instead of trying to condemn and excise what you think is a weak link, why not coalesce around them and lift them up? Why not love your neighbor as yourself? Someone once said that’s the most important lesson in life.

Or, you can continue to be negative. But… are you really still a Steelers fan? There’s nothing wrong with turning in your towel.

Kyle Chrise is the host of the Steelers podcast “What Yinz Talkin’ Bout”