The Symbiosis of Watts and Highsmith

If you hung around long enough through the Monday night post game interviews, you saw an interview ostensibly with TJ Watts, but prior to the broadcast as the interviewer was setting it up, between a short clip of TJ looking off camera and waiving to come over, and a few seconds of other players interacting with each other, the postgame interview with TJ began. He answered one question and then brought Highsmith into the interview, whose edge could be see standing off camera. When asked about the game, each credited the other for their level of playing and the plays they accomplished. Their sincerity in who they are are players together on a team and who they are are as real persons was so beyond the level of usual media presentation that it felt almost emotional to see them interview because of how they feel playing together towards a goal.

Then to have DeMarvin Leal come behind them, place his symbolic crown over each their heads without interrupting the interview or interposing his ego, merely recognizing their good team play. Maybe two weeks int the season we all need to take a deep breath and pause. We are 1-1 and 1-0 in the AFC North. Cause these guys on defense are sincere, committed, and love playing with each other.

They recognize they have a symbiosis which makes them stronger. Both Highsmith and Watt acknowledged they looked at each other and knew what play was coming and reacted accordingly. So for those who believe the offense is predictable; yes you are right. But predictability is on both sides. The offense will find its path, as obtuse as that may seem now, But this defense has love and respect for its players, it has an identity. Don't count that out, and certainly not before week three.

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