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College gameday, potential 2024 NFL Draft prospects for the Steelers + Open thread

The Steelers are so close to taking the field for Week 1. Meanwhile, let’s talk about the college games and a few prospects to watch.

Georgia Bulldogs wide receiver Adonai Mitchell (5) catches a touchdown pass over TCU Horned Frogs cornerback Josh Newton (24) during the first half in the CFP national championship game at SoFi Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Week 2 of the 2023 college football season.

Just in case some of you didn’t know, I picked Colorado in the upset and increased my cash flow. Seriously, though hats off to Coach Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes. As I mentioned in the comment section of the Game Day thread, BTW thanks Kate, I have a deeper appreciation of Deion now that he is coaching and the manner in which he speaks.

If you didn’t know Shedeur Sanders, well you may want to check him out. He completed 80% of his passes, going 38 of 47 for 510 yards and 4 touchdowns. As impressive as those stats are, I think that Travis Hunter and his 128 snaps playing Iron Man football, where he had 11 catches for 119, and he also recorded one pick playing cornerback, was just as impressive.

The other big headline was the Duke Blue Devils beating the 9th-ranked Clemson Tigers. The last time Duke beat a Top 10 team was 1989 and they now find themselves in the Top 25 at #21. As a Tar Heel fan, I threw up in my mouth a little bit as I typed that, but I love when the Top 25 gets upended a bit even if it’s DOOOOOOOOK.

This Week's Top 25 Matchups

For the most part, it’s still cupcake city like Week 1 and this is why I get agitated, especially when they are trying to build these superpower conferences.........PLAY SOMEBODY!!!

#20 Mississippi at #24 Tulane: 3:30 p.m. ET on ESPN2


Michael Trigg #81 TE 6’3” 240lbs

Cedric Johnson #2 EDGE 6’3” 265lbs

Isheem Young #1 SAF 5’10” 210lbs

Ladarius Tennison #13 CB 5’9” 209lbs

Green Wave

Michael Pratt #7 QB 6’3” 220lbs - The Steelers are set at QB for the immediate future but what lies ahead for Mitch and Mason is anyone’s guess. Never a bad thing getting a look at a potential back up. Pratt is a gamer and has shown to be a clutch player at times. Not the strongest of arms but has solid ball placement and accuracy. Best strength is his ability to make throws on the move.

Cam Pedescleaux #8 SAF 5’8” 196lbs

#11 Texas at #3 Alabama: 7:00 p.m. ET on ESPN


Quinn Ewers #3 QB 6’2” 207lbs

Ja’Tavion Sanders #0 TE 6’4” 242lbs

Xavier Worthy #1 WR 6’1” 170lbs - You can never have enough speed or pass catchers who run great routes, Worthy has both traits. The obvious concern is his frame but talk about an electric playmaker. Sounds somewhat similar to CA3.

Isaiah Neyor #9 WR 6’3” 216lbs

Adonai Mitchell #5 WR 6’3” 190lbs - A Georgia transfer that I fell in love with after I saw some of his powerful runs after the catch. If I’m honest, AD has me wanting more because I believe it’s in there. Texas has a legit receiving room, so it will be interesting to see what role he creates for himself.

Barryn Sorrell #88 EDGE 6’4” 258lbs

T’Vondre Sweat #93 NT 6’4” 346lbs

Alfred Collins #95 IDL 6’4” 29lbs

Jaylan Ford #41 ILB 6’3” 236lbs - If you are a true Steeler fan then you are always watching for that next Linebacker. In a room that saw a ton of transition, no one really knows what the future holds. Ford had 119 tackles, 4 INTs, 3 FF, 2 FR, 2 sacks and 10 tackles for loss in 2022. There was also a mention that he made a change in diet as well as his attention to detail in 2022. Let’s see if the fruits of the labor continue to improve his game.

Jalen Catalon #11 SAF 5’10” 201lbs

Crimson Tide

JC Latham # 65 OT 6’6 335lbs - An imposing specimen with the strength and punch that will wow you when right. The problem is consistency and needing to improve his footwork. Like Dan Moore, Latham struggles with speed or quickness. He may be best suited back at G.

CJ Dippre # 81 TE 6’4” 257lbs

Ja’Corey Brooks #7 WR 6’2” 195lbs

Dallas Turner #15 EDGE 6’3” 242lbs

Damon Payne #44 IDL 6’3” 303lbs

Tim Smith #50 IDL 6’3” 302lbs

Malachi Moore #13 SAF 6’ 198lbs

Kool-Aid McKinstry #1 CB 6’1” 195lbs - Extremely talented corner prospect that unless something goes terribly wrong, the Steelers will not have a shot at.

Terrion Arnold #3 CB 6’ 196lbs

Justin Eboigbe #92 IDL 6’5” 292lbs

Other Notable Games

Nebraska at #22 Colorado: 12 p.m. ET on Fox

That’s right, I’m still watching Colorado. My fandom goes back to the Kordell Stewart days. Let’s see if Coach Prime has tightened that defense up in Week 2

#23 Texas A&M at Miami: 3:30 p.m ET on ABC:

Pair of safeties worth watching in Kamren Kinchens #5 and James Williams #20 from Miami. For A&M, I’m watching UNC transfer, CB Tony Grimes #8 and Nickel CB Tyreek Chappell #7

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh: 6:30 p.m. ET on CW Network

Battle of the AFC North? A scheduling mistake? I guess the schedulers didn’t think the Steelers would have a home opener. Keep an eye out on Dontay “The Godfather” Corleone #2, an outstanding NT, going against Zach Frazier #54.

Let us know what games you are watching and what players you would like to see in the Black and Gold. As always, stay safe and GO STEELERS!