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Steelers Reacts Results: Some Steelers fans still eyeing a trip to Super Bowl LVIII

Steelers Nation spoke out! Here’s what they said.

The Vince Lombardi Trophy is pictured ahead of the NFL season match Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots in central Frankfurt am Main, western Germany, on November 7, 2023. Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots will be played on November 12, 2023, in the Frankfurt Stadium Deutsche Bank Park as part of the NFL International Series.  Photo by KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images

Earlier this week, we polled Steelers fans about their confidence in the team, their predictions for the Steelers’ Wild Card Round matchup with the Bills and how far they expect Pittsburgh to advance in the 2023-24 postseason. Here’s what they had to say.

Fan confidence in the team is high.

69% of Steelers fans polled say they’re confident in the team’s direction ahead of the Wild Card Round. Honestly, the greatest surprise here might just be that the percentage of confident fans isn’t higher given their 10-7 close to the season, a quarterback that’s offered the offense some spark, and a surging run game.

The only other time this season where a higher percentage of Steelers fans indicated they were confident in the team’s direction was back following Week 12’s win over the Cincinnati Bengals — the first game without former OC Matt Canada which yielded 421 yards and plenty of hope for what was to come.

Most Steelers fans are expecting to advance to the Divisional Round.

62% of Steelers fans polled said they think Pittsburgh will pull out a win over the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card Round. Granted, the poll results were finalized just before the announcement that the game would be postponed to Monday — a circumstance that definitely favors the Bills, so perhaps the results would look a little different if we re-ran the poll after the news.

Regardless of the specifics, it seems pretty remarkable that even after the way the season has unfolded, including the loss of an offensive coordinator (regardless of how bad he was) and two back-to-back losses against 2-10 teams at home, among other things, that the Steelers fan base is confident in even the possibility of a win over a surging team like the Bills. This fanbase has been down in a big way through various points of the season while the Steelers enter this game as 10-point underdogs, and there’s somehow still faith.

In Mason Rudolph (and Najee Harris) we trust.

21% of Steelers fans still have their eye on a trip to Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII.

As noted above, 2023 has been a long and tumultuous season for Steelers fans. There have been moments of complete despair that those on the outside looking at their final 10-7 record may not be able to fully understand. That makes it all the more remarkable that 21% of Steelers fans polled think Pittsburgh will make it to Super Bowl 58.

Vegas certainly thinks it an unlikely outcome, as the Steelers entered this first round of the playoffs with the worst Super Bowl odds among those left in the playoff field at +12000. Still, there’s something to the idea that this team has absolutely nothing else to lose. There’s something dangerous about a team that enters a game with absolutely zero expectations, riding the hot hand with their third-string quarterback and forced to play chess with a number of players who, as HC Mike Tomlin loves to remind us, started this season out on their couches — the unlikeliest of heroes.

It’s worth noting that 39% of those polled projected a Wild Card exit for the Black & Gold — which doesn’t totally match up mathematically given that 62% of those polled expect a win. But hey, we’ll give some leniency here for the margin of error. What really matters here is the sentiment of hope and belief in the underdog — a role the Steelers have historically embraced incredibly well.

Since 2008 (the earliest we can track the betting data), there is no team in the league with a better win percentage as underdogs (0.317) than the Pittsburgh Steelers. So... maybe there’s something to that hope from Steelers Nation.

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