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Friday Happy Hour: Championship Weekend Edition

It’s Fri-Yay! Gather round with your merry band of fellow Steelers fans and enjoy some conversation with your food and beverage of choice.

  1. Predict the Super Bowl LVIII matchup! Who’s playing in the Big Game?
  2. Forget who you think will make it to the Big Game — who do you want to make it to the Big Game? Tell us who you’re rooting for this weekend!
  3. I treated myself with a PlayStation 5 today and have begun my journey playing Hogwarts Legacy! Huge Harry Potter nerd here. What’s your favorite book series? Are there any book series you’ve read more than once?
  4. Do you have a favorite OC candidate interviewed by the Steelers so far?
  5. If you were Omar Khan and could sign any free agent in 2023 — cap space situation aside — who are you signing? Find a list of free agents here!