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Terrible Towel Tales: Kliff Kingsbury not on Steelers’ OC list

Steelers news and commentary Saturday, January 27th

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Welcome to the Terrible Towel Tales, where we’ll highlight some of the latest stories permeating Steelers media for your reading pleasure every Monday through Saturday. In today’s news…

Friday Insider: One-on-one with Mason Rudolph, my teammate, my friend | Ramon Foster, DK Pittsburgh Sports

I’ll get responses from these interviews saying, “I never knew this guy was this funny” or “He’s so smart, I had no idea.” That’s my goal, to unlock guys like Mason, Maurkice Pouncey, Alejandro Villanueva or even Kevin Colbert so you all can see them as I see them. A bunch of dudes who enjoy life, love football and love each other. DK likes to credit me for that, but that’s what you get when you build relationships and actually get to know people for who they are.

I hope you enjoyed Mason’s conversation with me and seeing him joke around, speak on some hardships and just be him.


• How was it stepping into the starting role in 2019 when Ben Roethlisberger tore his UCL?

MR: “I mean, I think you’re lying if you say the first couple starts you’re not a bit nervous. I was nervous this past year. If you’re not nervous, you’re either lying or you don’t have a pulse and it’s probably time to retire. Absolutely, I was, I think, nervous and excited all at the same time. I think it was the Seattle game when I got thrust in there and we really had a chance to win, put ourselves in position ... I think, absolutely, when you go in with a group that’s protecting a Hall of Fame quarterback and so many veterans – I mean, I think you were in Year 8 or 9 and Maurkice Pouncey was in 9, and we had Al Villaneuva and Dave DeCastro ... just a lot of experience. There was a sense of, yeah, I want to do my best and lead you guys so we can do the celebration and smash our facemasks into one another and hug and all those kinds of things.”

What to Know About Steelers First OC Candidate | Noah Strackbein, All Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers conducted their first offensive coordinator interview, speaking with former Carolina Panthers OC Thomas Brown. But before anyone jumps to his last destination as to why the team shouldn’t hire him, it’s important to hear what those in Carolina still have to say.

Brown spent just one season with the Panthers in the midst of plenty of controversy and overhaul. His head coach, Frank Reich, was the play-caller for most of the season, and once he was fired, those responsibilities were handed to Brown.

Report: Kliff Kingsbury Not on Steelers OC List | Stephen Thompson, All Steelers

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette said during an appearance on 105.9 The X with Mark Madden that the Steelers are not including Kliff Kingsbury on their list of candidates to fill the vacant offensive coordinator job.

I will tell you Kliff Kingsbury, despite what you’re hearing, is not on their list,” Dulac said. “Now, that’s not saying it [won’t] change, but they have a list of candidates and he is not on their list.”